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Curating your dream kitchen isn’t something that’s done all at once. Piecing it together yourself gives you more control over what you spend and where you spend it, allowing for more time to figure out what you really love. Join us as we find the ingredient to completing your perfect kitchen refresh…

Consider the wonders of a new worktop

One of the most utilised pieces of the kitchen is the worktop, being the foundation of home life, it accompanies young children with their homework, avid bakers with improving their skillset and families preparing meals. Not to mention being the homely hub for socialising and entertainment.

The worktop is a key part of the kitchen and is very much the centrepiece of the room. Prioritising this focal point will completely transform the overall aesthetic and style. And, with such a vast array of options available, careful consideration is required. Time spent in the kitchen should be enjoyed, so choosing a work surface that’s both inspiring and energising will make for a space full of positivity and creative spark - the idyllic combination for the heart of the home.

Don’t forget, you’ll want a work surface that will stand the test of time, and Caesarstone’s stone worktops are beautifully formulated to withstand extensive use, keeping its elegance and perfection as good as new. Not to mention, Caesarstone offer a 25-year warranty on their worktops, extending peace of mind.


A tidy kitchen makes for a tidy mind

Across the lifespan of your kitchen, clutter will have been accumulated, drawers will have been randomised, cutlery and crockery will have become a little mismatched and all in all, the space has likely become more of a chore than a place to wind down. Allocating time to rehome and reorganise will give you more of an idea of what elements within your kitchen actually need a new lease of life.

Think about the logistics of your space, is everything laid out to be practical? For example, keeping the kettle close to the mugs and your plates in a cupboard close to the hob and oven will help keep the flow of the kitchen.5143 White Attica

5143 White Attica


Create headspace with a new colour scheme

When stepping into your kitchen, you’re welcomed by the atmosphere that’s set by the colour scheme of the room. Maybe you’re consumed by a sense of inner peace, and relaxation by a blanket of white. Maybe the joyous pop of uplifting colours has brightened your mood. Maybe you’re face-to-face with complete comfort and warmth from a darker colour palette.


4033 Rugged Concrete


Ask yourself, does your kitchen make you feel the way you want to feel? If not, updating the colours of the space should be something to consider. Whether it’s a fresh lick of paint on the walls, swapping out metallic appliances for alternative colours or reupholstering the furniture - you want to ensure your kitchen is a reflection of you.

Refreshing your kitchen design doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. As we’ve uncovered, replacing specific components is a great way to infuse luxury into the core of your kitchen and revitalise the space. Sometimes, multiple, small changes can speak volumes, other times, it’s simply a case of updating a statement piece.


Indulge in design and project inspiration with our Step-by-step guide to combining practicality and luxury in your kitchen.

Step-by-step guide to combining practicality and luxury in your kitchen