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Black is the new white in interior trends. Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are varying colour combinations that work well with a dark surface – from classic monochrome to rich jewel tones. For an in-depth look at colour psychology and the changes in ambience that your chosen palette will have on a space, read our eBook, An insider guide to kitchen colour. 

In the meantime, here are the palettes that will show off the depth and shadows of your black worktop... 


Black and white

This timeless combination never fails to impress in any style of kitchen. Effortlessly chic, majestic black marble worktops sit proudly atop white shaker cabinets. Equally impressive is a deep inky surface juxtaposed against white gloss cabinets to achieve a sleek, minimalist look. Black and white is the perfect example of a monochromatic scheme – it’s popular for a reason and can create a sophisticated and contemporary look in any style of decor. You can take the black and white theme further by opting for a black base surface with intricate white veining within, such as Caesarstone's 511 Smokestone or 510 Impermia.

511 Smokestone511 Smokestone


Shades of grey

Rarely are black worktops purely black in colour. Marbling, veining and patina can add unique shades of grey that can be used throughout the rest of your design. Emulate the distinct tones found within your worktop across your cabinetry, flooring and walls to create an alluring, highly sophisticated scheme that feels connected and cohesive. Olive greens, chalky blues and other grey-tinged colours that fall within the same spectrum work equally as well.

5101 Empira Black5101 Empira Black


Bright colours

Add vibrancy to your dark kitchen design with bold, bright colours. A touch of a natural colour can elevate a monochrome colour scheme, or metallic elements like gold and copper contrast beautifully. For a truly vivid scheme, create a feature wall showcasing your chosen accent colour, or for a more subtle look incorporate splashes added in from your appliances, artwork and other accessories.

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Soft putties

Combine a weathered metallic work surface with neutral hues to achieve an earthy, Scandinavian-inspired space. Using these soft, subtle shades alongside a rustic, weathered black worktop like 4725 Oxidian helps to create a warm and cosy environment. Combine different textures across your cabinetry, worktops and flooring – raw wood, matte finishes and sleek appliances all pull together to create a contemporary but welcoming aesthetic.

4735 Oxidian

4725 Oxidian


Jewel tones

No shade sets off a sumptuous black worktop quite like a rich jewel tone. Layer a deep, inky-black surface onto painted cabinetry for a dramatic and luxurious look. Teal, aubergine and navy, along with lavish berry tones, are all particularly effective when paired with black.


5100 Vanilla Noir



Using gold, silver or copper within a dark kitchen design will add a touch of luxury and opulence whilst helping to reflect light around the room. For ultimate decadence in design, choose copper or brass to add a layer of warmth.

510 Impermia510 Impermia 




Images Source: Caesarstone