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Striking black kitchens create a statement impact. But it’s possible to adorn your space to elevate your captivating design even further. Here are our top eight favourite ways of accessorising your interior inspired by the art of darkness…

1. Appliances

Appliances can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space. Head down the retro route by adding a splash of colour to your design with a brightly coloured Smeg fridge, embrace classic design with a feature range Aga or choose sleek, integrated Fisher and Pakyel appliances for a truly minimalist design.


2. Island

Make a feature of your sultry black work surface by showcasing it as the centrepiece of your kitchen. An island is both practical and visually enhancing for any design. Use a dramatic waterfall end to make a real impact, or a split level design for a true style statement.


3. Statement splashback

Fully embrace the intensity of your chosen deep black surface by continuing into a splashback. Alternatively, pick out metallic hues from the pigmentation in your worktop and choose a reflective material to add to the drama by reflecting light around the room.

4735 Oxidian

4735 Oxidian


4. Furniture

Soften the edges of your scheme with oak furniture, perfectly balancing the intense black of your chosen work surface. The juxtaposition of contrasting materials and texture within your scheme will add to the layers of interest and dimension.


The art of darkness: How to design the perfect dark kitchen


5. Lighting

Use lighting to highlight the multi-layered depth of your dark design. Pendant lights are ideal for casting a spotlight onto an island or peninsula, and strips of LED lighting can be placed under top cabinets to illuminate the intricate detailing of your worktops.

5101 Empira Black

5101 Empira Black


6. Flora and fauna

Botanicals are ideal for breathing life into your kitchen and drawing the outside in. If your kitchen flows out to your garden, consider installing bi-fold doors to maximise light and create a connection to the green space. Large windows can also help form a connection with nature.


7. Open shelving

Shelving and cabinetry allows for space to display your prized crockery and favourite cooking books. Not only does it help to increase the functionality of your kitchen, but it can help to accessorise and add colour and interest to your design. Use the shelves to showcase anything you want – glass jars filled with pantry-items, utensils, artwork, plants and more.

8. Art

Original pieces of artwork can add to the bespoke look of your room. Consider commissioning a painting or sculpture, or searching for a print from a favourite artist to hang pride of place. Gallery walls are a tried-and-tested design trend you might want to experiment with, allowing you to pick-and-mix different pieces that will stand out particularly well against dark paintwork. Stick to black and white colours for a strikingly modern aesthetic or play with a range of colours to create a bold sense of character. Another artistic element to consider is a neon sign – feeling retro but authentic, you can get personalised quotes or designs made-to-order – and the fluro-colour adds a sense of drama.

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Images Source: Caesarstone