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Caesarstone 5820 Darcrest and 4023 Topus Concrete have been specified for kitchen maker Inglis Hall’s new headquarters

Historically based in a workshop tucked away in the back streets of Lewes, East Sussex, bespoke kitchen maker, Inglis Hall, has recently moved its design studio to a gorgeous Georgian building in the middle of the town’s charming high street. More than just a showroom, the new space, named An Actual Kitchen, features an exquisite, contemporary Inglis Hall kitchen. For the main worktop run and pantry worktops, the Inglis Hall design team chose Caesarstone, demonstrating the brand’s authority in the surface and kitchen industries. 

The brand’s new home provided the opportunity to design a kitchen without compromise, to be used for many different purposes. A venue for kitchen-related events and cooking demonstrations, makers’ markets and exhibitions, An Actual Kitchen is a space to talk, think and feel kitchens. 

As such, it was important to design a scheme that would embody all of Inglis Hall’s values, with “room to move, to socialise, to collaborate and to gather. But also intimacy and comfort, with everything within convenient ergonomic reach”, says Toby Hall, Managing Director at Inglis Hall.  

Close-up of Caesarstone's 4023 Topus Concrete kitchen worktop and splashback
Featuring a combination of sawn oak in raw and blackened finishes, the kitchen centres around a large island, whilst hidden storage elements are placed on the opposite side. Caesarstone 4023 Topus Concrete was chosen to provide a contrast to the back run cabinetry, where the sink sits. With its industrial feel and delicate movement replicating the look of mineral formations, Topus Concrete is flushed with rugged patinas. This aesthetic was key in Inglis Hall’s vision to build a kitchen that would be long-lasting without ever losing its charm, beauty or functionality. 

Topus Concrete extends on the splashback all the way to a wooden shelf above the cabinetry, which acts as an organic break between Caesarstone and the gently lime-washed wall. Reflecting on the design of the surface, Toby says, “We especially like the structure and movement of Caesarstone’s concrete designs. Paired with the practical and hardworking qualities that Caesarstone is renowned for, these colourways offer a natural-feeling worktop that doesn’t compromise on function.”

Bespoke pantry featuring Caesarstone Darcrest
The industrial look of the kitchen seamlessly gives way to a more rustic aesthetic, as visitors head towards the back of the studio, where a full size cabinet and a double pantry are cleverly concealed behind oak-panelled doors. As the pantry opens, it reveals a perfectly designed solution for storing everyday ingredients and appliances, with Caesarstone 5820 Darcrest as the worktop and splashback. Offering another striking example of a design contrast, the dark, earthy base of Darcrest is enriched by tiny spots and sediments with a veil of organic brown and green tones, like erosion on a rocky hillside. Enhanced by a Honed finish, this beautiful surface creates a sophisticated and unexpected statement. Toby comments, “Caesarstone surfaces have a natural look and feel to them which is sometimes hard to find with manmade products. We also love the abundance of colours and finishes. Their sophisticated qualities make them the perfect choice for contemporary kitchens.”

The unique depth and beauty of nature is the canvas from which Caesarstone creates surface designs that never fail to bring visual interest to the home. The dedicated in-house design team approaches each collection by exploring the motion and forms of a sandy coastline, the stillness and calm of the desert landscape, or the urban textures and finishes seen in towns and cities. From there, new designs combining contemporary and traditional elements are developed to suit a variety of homes and styles, providing versatility as well as longevity. 

Aligning with Inglis Hall’s belief that kitchens are a lifetime purchase and should be designed to stand the test of time, Caesarstone offers a lifetime warranty on all its residential indoor surfaces. This outstanding warranty gives customers the certainty that their product remains safe, durable and timelessly beautiful for years to come, cementing Caesarstone as an unparalleled investment in style, substance and quality. 

Resistant to stains, scratches and heat, Caesarstone surfaces are easy to look after and maintain. More durable than natural stone, these designs are the perfect choice for busy spaces, whether it is a multi-functional showroom or a family home. 

Curious to see what Caesarstone might look like in your home? Browse the colour catalogue and choose your samples or try the online visualiser to see your new worktop in a 3D space.  

Photography by Leigh Simpson