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Step into the world of timeless design with lifestyle and interior design writer and content creator Lisa Dawson (@_lisa_dawson), as she invites us into her kitchen.

Known for her keen eye for detail, passion for timeless elegance, and clever home updates, Lisa shares her thoughts on crafting a kitchen that stands the test of time, both in terms of style and durability. Keep reading to discover how Caesarstone 5131 Calacatta Nuvo has helped to shape her vision of long-lasting appeal.

What made you choose Caesarstone 5131 Calacatta Nuvo for your kitchen design? Did the worktop impact your overall kitchen design and colour scheme?

I thought long and hard about what sort of worktop I wanted to incorporate in my kitchen when I updated it back in 2018. I was doing what could be described as a refresh rather than a refit – I changed the cupboard door fronts and the worktop, keeping the original kitchen carcasses.

It was important to me that I chose a worktop that was going to last the course. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and it’s the centre of our home, the first room that people come to when they enter the house. I am also rather prone to a mini update, and knew that whatever I picked needed to work with any possible cabinet colour changes that may occur! I am also a great collector of items and my kitchen is no exception – I use the kitchen shelves to display pretty items in all colours and textures. Artwork plays a big part in every room of my home too, so I lean towards neutral backgrounds. This ensures that whatever I want to display, whether it’s a vase on a shelf or a framed print, can hold its own space.

As soon as I saw 5131 Calacatta Nuvo, I knew it was the one. As part of the ‘bones’ of my home, it was the perfect backdrop for my kitchen. Its pale, soft tones lift a space that is lacking in natural light, transforming  it into a bright and airy environment. I also used 5131 Calacatta Nuvo as a backsplash above the oven, which turned the beautiful veining into a focal point. Choosing a paler design meant that it would work with whatever I decided to add to the space, as well as being a timeless choice. Over the years, I have made many changes to the kitchen - I have updated the colour of the cabinets, the island, the floor. Amidst all the transformations, one element has always stayed the same: my Caesarstone worktop.

Lisa Dawson with Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo kitchen worktopsWhat elements have changed in your kitchen since installing your Caesarstone worktop?

One of the main reasons why I chose 5131 Calacatta Nuvo was that I knew I would be able to update the space if I wanted to, without worrying about the impact of the worktop. Its neutral aesthetic ensures that the surface works with any colour scheme, giving me the freedom to paint the cupboards in any shade I liked. I knew that regardless of my choice, everything would harmonise.

Since my worktop has been installed, I have made several updates to the kitchen. I have changed my kitchen cabinet colour no less than four times, and each time, my choice of surface has worked brilliantly alongside the refresh. The current colour, Wharf Sacking by Mylands, has been in place for a year now, and I believe it’s unlikely to change again, given that it is absolutely perfect.

I have also repainted the walls, going from a brilliant white to a softer cream (St Martins no. 37). Additionally, I replaced the previous pale herringbone Amtico floor with Elesco walnut boards, stained to match the exact colour that I was looking for. All of these elements pair beautifully with Calacatta Nuvo, complementing each other. The final change I made was incorporating a repurposed French shop counter to use as a central island. The contemporary style of the Caesarstone worktop contrasts perfectly against the vintage wooden island, creating a striking juxtaposition.

Close-ups of Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo kitchen worktopsWhat do you love about your Caesarstone worktop?

One of the reasons why I love my worktop is its versatility. It is the one element in my kitchen that has stayed with each new update, and it has worked beautifully alongside a variety of different looks. It is really important to me that anything that I install in my home is able to work with different colours and styles. My Caesarstone worktop still looks just as good as the day it was installed, and it is so easy to clean – it has been in position for almost six years now and doesn’t have a single stain. I have three children, so spillage is always an issue, but the Calacatta Nuvo worktops have stayed strong! If there is ever a stain, for example from teabags or tomato sauce, I can spray household cleaner on it and come back within five minutes to find it effortlessly just wipes away.

Furthermore, the kitchen has two windows, yet receives no direct sunlight, so it is quite a dark space. The worktop brightens the room and makes it feel much airier than the previous brown quartz, which only served to make the whole space feel gloomier. I also like the fact that the veining in the design is subtle, yet strong enough to be a feature in the room. For me and my home, Calacatta Nuvo was the perfect classic choice.

What elements of a kitchen design are worth investing in? Where should you spend and where should you save?   

My kitchen still has cupboard carcasses from a budget brand which had been installed before we moved into our home eight years ago, remarkably still in excellent condition. To elevate the overall aesthetic, I invested in new custom-made door fronts, which made a big difference. While my cupboard fronts feature integrated handles, I would always suggest investing in good quality hardware to truly accentuate the doors. The same applies to taps – a standard sink can be elevated with the addition of a beautiful tap, promising both visual appeal and longevity. If you are able to invest in a hot water tap, I would highly recommend it – it is a practical and sustainable choice that also maximises worktop space.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, integrating vintage elements into your kitchen design is not only sustainable, but also adds character. For instance, combining a vintage table with modern cupboards creates a unique look and a distinctive ambiance, rather than opting for a conventional contemporary island or breakfast bar. And finally, choose the best quality worktop that you are able to afford. As demonstrated by my Calacatta Nuvo kitchen surfaces, a premium worktop ensures durability and timeless style.