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A timeless family kitchen balancing clean minimalism and glamour

Creating a kitchen that meets the diverse needs of a busy family whilst remaining sympathetic to the architecture of a historical property requires meticulous planning and thoughtful design. Scotland-based bespoke design studio, Cameron Interiors, was tasked with designing a kitchen that would serve as the heart of the home for this young family of four living in a Georgian mansion home. Caesarstone 6131 Bianco Drift was the natural choice to complement the scheme, combining timeless, heritage-inspired beauty with practicality. 

The clients’ lifestyle centres around cooking, entertaining and quality family time, therefore, a space they would gravitate towards and that would help make their work and school lives easier to manage was on top of their wish list. Balancing the preferences of clean minimalism and glamorous interior design, the goal was to create a kitchen that satisfied both ends of this spectrum. The space had to be conducive to the family’s current habits, whilst accommodating future changes, including a large extension.

Bianco Drift clad kitchen island from CaesarstoneThe existing room posed several challenges, such as limited wall space due to numerous openings. Factor in large windows and doorways and the challenge became even more apparent. The design had to not only address the current layout but also anticipate plans for extending the space, all while maintaining a cohesive and functional flow.

In order to design a long-lasting kitchen that would address these requests and match the clients’ style, Louise Delaney, Design Manager at Cameron Interiors, selected bulthaup cabinetry, which the clients had installed by the design studio in their previous home. Tall units were specified using a grey oak planked veneer, introducing a subtle, textural timber grain. A sand beige aluminium finish on the island adds a stylish layer with its soft sheen, changing tones during the day as the light gently moves through the kitchen.  

Caesarstone Bianco Drift worktop and kitchen islandCaesarstone 6131 Bianco Drift was selected as the worktop and splashback for its subtle, yet luxurious design. Delicate swirls and splashes of light brown mix with misty greys in this elegant worktop. Louise explains: “The light reflects beautifully on the surface, appearing both organic and glamorous. Look closely and you will find reflective flecks in the material, together with warm and cool tones also used within the space. Caesarstone materials have a beautiful natural quality, superior to alternatives.”

The Caesarstone design team invest thousands of man-hours in research to deliver innovative surfaces inspired by nature. Constantly observing the ever-evolving beauty of the outside world, the brand's creative journey is marked by a deep exploration of trends, materials and architectural elements. These efforts ensure that each Caesarstone surface is not merely a product but a work of art, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge functionality. 

Close-ups on Bianco Drift Caesarstone worktopsCaesarstone's commitment to design, quality, longevity and sustainability – all key considerations for the clients - made it the natural choice for this project. Serving as a resilient foundation for the activities that unfold in a busy family, from cooking experiments to family gatherings, Caesarstone stands the test of time. Ensuring that the kitchen remains a functional and beautiful space for years to come, the brand’s unique lifetime warranty offers customers peace of mind and confidence in their surface.

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