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Have you been inspired by images of black kitchen designs and are wondering whether it could work for you? 

Dark kitchens have become a popular trend in recent years with more homeowners adding touches of darker tones to their home renovations. Why? If you can balance those dark colours correctly, it’ll add an element of finesse and luxuriousness to the room, transforming your kitchen into a showstopping place to entertain.

You want to achieve a stylish but practical space for all your culinary needs, so you need to make sure your kitchen is designed in such a way to inspire your creativeness and desire to host sociable evenings. We’re here to provide a few tips on how you can embrace the transition to a black kitchen.


Draw the outside in


Our top tip for kitchen ideas in 2020 is to consider balance. The key to pulling off a successful dark kitchen is to balance the darkness with some light. If your room has large windows, or French doors which open out to the garden, your kitchen will be naturally bathed in daylight to illuminate and showcase your black kitchen units and worktops.

Similarly, adding botanicals into your kitchen space will help to introduce a pop of colour and give the impression of bringing the outside in, ensuring a natural feel to the room. Positioning vases on your worktops or shelving units brings life to your kitchen design, whilst your window ledge presents an opportunity for growing your own herbs, making an excellent accessory to your design.

With these simple illusions to your kitchen aesthetic, you’ll soon find those shades you’d been avoiding can actually be a benefit to your kitchen as long as you ensure it’s proportioned correctly.

Are you afraid of the dark?


Introduce patterns

5101 Empira Black5101 Empira Black

If you’re considering an all-black kitchen, our tip for ensuring your kitchen doesn’t feel too enclosed is to add a print. Something as simple as incorporating a marble design on your central island and splashback instantly livens up the room. Combine that with lighter overhead cabinets and your kitchen immediately feels warmer and more inviting to guests.


Variety in elements and texture

One of the most important things to remember when constructing your kitchen is to think about proportions. An all-black kitchen might not be for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate elements of this into your final design.

Many popular black kitchen ideas begin with thinking about the space you have to work with. If your kitchen is smaller than average, you might consider adding warmth and lightness to the space with wooden units to contrast those polished black worktops.

You could go further by stripping the wall back to bare brick above the units, embracing the earthy elements of the design. Adding a few bright ornaments to the wall just further highlights those dark tones and floods the room with a sense of enhanced character and a charming appeal.


Are you leaning towards the dark side? Or are you still afraid of the dark? Take our quiz to find out more…

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Images Source: Caesarstone