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Have you been inspired by images of black kitchen designs and are wondering whether it could work for you? 

Dark kitchens and dark kitchen worktops have become a popular trend in recent years with more homeowners adding touches of darker tones to their home renovations. Why? If you balance those dark colours correctly, it’ll add an element of finesse and luxuriousness to the room, transforming your kitchen into a showstopping place to entertain.

You want to achieve a stylish but practical space for all your culinary needs, so you need to make sure your kitchen is designed in such a way to inspire your creativity and desire to host sociable evenings. We’re here to provide a few tips on how you can embrace the transition to a black kitchen.

It’s also important to remember that black doesn’t always mean pitch black. Look at all of the elements of your kitchen – worktops, cabinets, flooring, wall paint – to determine which shade of black will work best for your space. For example, lighter black cabinets will pair perfectly with a true black worktop, helping bring depth and variety into the space.

Should I choose a dark kitchen or a black kitchen?

Black or dark kitchens can be a striking addition to any home and they can ensure your kitchen is distinct, individual and welcoming, perfect for the heart of your home. Deciding between dark and black kitchens boils down to the mood and functionality you desire. Both offer drama, but consider these factors:

Space: Dark and black kitchens can shrink a small room, so if your kitchen is on the smaller side, consider using a shade that’s not too dark or add plenty of contrasting elements like white countertops and bright lighting.

Style: Dark kitchens can be modern, rustic, or traditional. Black leans more modern and dramatic. If you love a bold statement, black might be perfect.

Upkeep: Both black and dark surfaces hide dirt and grime better than lighter ones which can be a plus for busy households.

Lighting: Both dark and black kitchens need good lighting to avoid feeling cave-like, so carefully placed task lighting and ambient fixtures are key.

Are you leaning towards the dark side? Or are you still afraid of the dark? Take our quiz to find out more…

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Creating a black kitchen mood board

A mood board is a great starting point for designers and homeowners when scoping out ideas for a new kitchen design, and for a black kitchen, it's no different. They are the perfect playground for compiling and testing different colours, textures and materials for what will inspire the finished product.

5101 Empira White moodboard

5101 Empira Black

The backdrop and focus of your mood board should be the most dominant feature of the room, which we recommend to be your kitchen worktop. Source a sample of your desired surface, and from this, draw out highlights to inspire the overall scheme. For example, the light, pearlescent veining in 5101 Empira Black slab draws on metallic elements so you can pick out pigments from the work surface to inspire lighter hues to be used around the room.

302 Metallio Black moodboard

302 Metallio Black

Once you have your mood board backdrop, look at other colour combinations that will suit your black kitchen, as well as ways to introduce texture and contrast. From the basis of your work surface, you’ll be able to weave these ideas into the next most dominating aspects - the cabinetry, flooring, walls and accessories.

5810 Black Tempal moodboard

5810 Black Tempal

Consider adjoining rooms and the flow between them – you can interweave elements from surrounding spaces to ensure flow throughout your home. It’s important to take photos of your mood board as you adapt it; it’s an experimentation phase so it’ll be useful to compare and contrast different compilations, or you may simply wish to go back a step or two.

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Choosing a black worktop for your kitchen

Black kitchen worktops create a statement impact in any kitchen. From onyx, ebony and charcoal, embrace the art of darkness when planning your next kitchen renovation, no matter your ideal aesthetic and style.

Industrial-style black kitchens

302 Metallio Black porcelain worktop

The metallic highlights on a dark surface add layers of dimension to an industrial kitchen. Drawing on the raw elements used in mills and factories that inspire such a design, 302 Metallio Black is an ideal choice to merge with concrete, exposed brick and metals. Pulling together such diverse mixed materials feels both contemporary and sophisticated, with the metallic detailing adding effortless opulence.

Scandinavian black kitchen

5810 Black Tempal Quartz Worktop

Drawing on the natural elements of this travertine-inspired surface, 5810 Black Tempal coordinates perfectly with wooden cabinetry to achieve an authentic, Scandinavian-inspired design. Blending beautifully with putty walls and grey stone flooring, complete the look with an abundance of greenery and rustic stoneware crockery so familiar with a Scandi aesthetic.

Classic black kitchen

5101 Empira Black Quartz worktop

Classic Georgian design is achieved with an elegant black marble worktop. 5101 Empira Black fits this brief perfectly, showcasing intricate white veining that encapsulates simple luxury so well. Adding in a Belfast sink atop ivory quaker cabinets, with raw Oak wood flooring and wooden accessories around the room will complete the look.

Minimalist black kitchen

220 Magnate Porcelain Worktop

A minimalist-themed kitchen will always have elements of clean simplicity and sleek outlines, often featuring white, or a muted pastel tone, as a central colour. Opting for a dark grey worktop like 220 Magnate can elevate such simplicity, adding depth and contrast to the scheme without fuss. The Ultra-Rough finish works seamlessly in a minimalist-style kitchen, especially when used on a statement island to unify the style.

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Dark interior design ideas

If you’ve been contemplating kitchen renovation ideas, we’re here to show you the latest kitchen trends that will tempt you over to the dark side.

Bold and black

4120 Raven quartz worktop

4120 Raven

Black kitchens are no longer something to shy away from. Don’t be afraid to break the conventional white kitchen mould; there’s next to no colour that black doesn’t contrast well with, making your accent colours pop even more vividly.

Plus, an all-black kitchen oozes sophistication and modern luxury. It's a bold statement, perfect for those who want a unique look for their next kitchen. We recommend choosing good lighting to avoid too much darkness and consider lighter accents like metallic hardware or a wooden butcher block for warmth.

Light and shade

If you’re a little apprehensive about a full transformation to the dark side, consider looking to black-and-white kitchen designs for inspiration. It can be something as simple as adding a sleek black worktop and splashback alongside your white cabinetry. Adding a marble interpretation worktop with intricate white veining will beautifully pair together these distinct colours with a seamless effect.

If you really want to make your kitchen the epitome of chic, it's the small decorative touches such as pendant lighting that will elevate your minimalist design. Consider adding pops of colour or embrace a monochrome palette for that exquisite wow factor.

Draw the outside in

5100 Vanilla Noir Moodboard

5100 Vanilla Noir

Consider balance when designing your black kitchen, and how to balance the darkness with some light. If your room has large windows, or French doors which open out to the garden, your kitchen will be naturally bathed in daylight to illuminate and showcase your black kitchen units and worktops.

Similarly, adding botanicals into your kitchen space will help to introduce a pop of colour and give the impression of bringing the outside in, ensuring a natural feel to the room. Positioning vases on your worktops or shelving units brings life to your kitchen design, whilst your window ledge presents an opportunity for growing your own herbs, making an excellent accessory to your design.

Introduce patterns

If you’re considering an all-black kitchen, adding organic motifs or textures can help your kitchen feel less enclosed. Something as simple as choosing a black worktop with a marble design such as our 510 Impermia porcelain worktop or our 5100 Vanilla Noir quartz worktop on your central island with a waterfall edge and splashback instantly livens up the room.

Also, consider using patterned wallpaper or tiles in your black kitchen as a feature wall to add interest and colour to your space. Choosing a floral pattern with colour, or pattern made with various shades of black can suit any black kitchen.

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Accessories for a dark kitchen

Striking black kitchens create a statement with their impact, but it’s possible to adorn your space to elevate your captivating design even further. Here are our favourite ways of accessorising your interior inspired by the art of darkness.


Appliances can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space. Head down the retro route by adding a splash of colour to your design with a brightly coloured Smeg fridge, embrace classic design with a feature range Aga or choose sleek, integrated Fisher and Pakyel appliances for a truly minimalist design.

Kitchen Island

510 Impermia porcelain worktop

510 Impermia

Make a feature of your sultry black work surface by showcasing it as the centrepiece of your kitchen. A kitchen island is both practical and visually enhancing for any design. Use a dramatic waterfall edge to make a real impact or a split-level design for a true style statement.


Soften the edges of your scheme with oak furniture, perfectly balancing the intense black of your chosen work surface. Using contrasting materials and textures within your scheme will add layers of interest and a new dimension to your kitchen.


Use lighting to highlight the multi-layered depth of your dark design. Pendant lights are ideal for casting a spotlight onto an island or peninsula, and strips of LED lighting can be placed under top cabinets to illuminate the intricate detailing of your worktops.

Open shelving


Case Study: Inglis Hall’s new home in Lewes, East Sussex

Shelving and cabinetry allow for space to display your prized crockery and favourite cooking books. Not only does it help to increase the functionality of your kitchen, but it can help to accessorise and add colour and interest to your design. Use the shelves to showcase anything you want – glass jars filled with pantry items, utensils, artwork, plants and more.

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Will a dark kitchen work for family life?

Kitchens are the hub of the home and withstand a great deal of use, even more so for bustling family life. A kitchen is often put through its paces, whether it’s the little things like crumbs or spills, to more permanent damage like scrapes and scuffs. It’s essential that your kitchen can live up to the everyday challenges of a busy lifestyle and keep looking as good as the day you installed it – one thing we’ve found is that a darker kitchen can bring with it enhanced practicalities and benefits.

Clever disguise

5100 Vanilla Noir quartz worktop

5100 Vanilla Noir

Acting as an interior design optical illusion, dark work surfaces, cabinetry and flooring are ideal for disguising messes before you have the time to clean them up. Especially useful for bustling family life when it's difficult to stay on top of the never-ending chaos, darker surfaces reduce the visibility of those scattered crumbs and accidental spills.

Material matters

Consider also the materials you choose to make up your kitchen. Our quartz worktops and porcelain worktops are far more resilient and durable for day-to-day life than laminate. Likewise, real stone floors are hardier in comparison to vinyl, so the quality of construction is important. Investing in quality products in the short term equates to greater longevity of your kitchen and less money spent on upkeep and maintenance, or even replacement of fittings that have become damaged.

Style and substance


5003 Piatra Grey

There is no reason that having a family and needing a practical, robust kitchen should mean the sacrifice of aesthetic interiors. Choosing a dark kitchen perfectly combines workability with a statement look that creates ambience to offer a space you really do want to spend time in. Dark colours add the warmth and character needed in a family home. Farrow and Ball give advice for choosing paint colours, suggesting to either embrace a sumptuous palette with rich tones or to lighten the look by painting higher elements such as walls with white or soft greys.

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Ready to create your own dream black kitchen?

Whether you choose a fully black kitchen, or simply a stunning black kitchen worktop, remember to think about your kitchen's size and layout and your lifestyle preferences during the design phase. Embrace the evolving trends in kitchen design, including the use of materials like quartz and porcelain for worktops, to create a culinary haven that suits your needs and reflects your personal style.

To help you decide on the perfect worktop for your space, request a sample from Caesarstone to visualise it in your home.

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