The untold stories of your kitchen

It’s no surprise that having a family means a trail of chaos is left around the house, no matter how much you try to stay on top of it all. Plus, in many cases, there is that one family member that seems to be able to make the most mess possible…

With that being said, we took to Mumsnet, calling on you to reveal the most memorable kitchen disasters that have since become infamous within your family.


The notorious blender accidents

From soup to smoothies, duck pâté to pancake mix, our worktops, walls and ceilings have been left splattered with flying food debris. It’s likely if this has ever happened to you that you’ll be finding remnants in nooks and crannies for years to come...


Unexpected disasters

They happen to the best of us. Sometimes our appliances fail us, other times we’re just plain clumsy. But one of the accidents that made our toes curl most was the leaking deep fat fryer, closely followed by the exploding dish of microwave baked salmon.


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Impromptu art projects

We’ve all experienced that eerie silence that you know is too good to be true. If there is ever a reason the house has fallen silent, it’s not because our little ones have transformed into cherubs, it’s because mischief is in the making. Sharpie drawings, never-ending glitter dust, superglue and nail varnish are firm favourites amongst our youngsters. But our personal favourite goes to the Avante-Garde toddler art created on the kitchen counter using Sudocrem.


Science experiments

Taken a step further, are the laboratory tests concocted by our curious youngsters. Whether it involved wanting to pour the fizziest glass of coke from a well-shaken bottle, creating homemade slime or magic sand play, the results won’t be forgotten. Sometimes it’s our own DIY attempts that get us into the most trouble. So, if you’re planning on doing any soldering or wanting to take your car engine apart, perhaps the kitchen counter isn’t the best space to cross over as a workbench...


Whether the kitchen disasters in your home are down to you or the kids, then quartz is a reliable surface that affords you greater peace of mind. Here’s what Jonathan Stanley, Vice President of Marketing at Caesarstone has to say: “It’s impossible to completely childproof your house and you accept that accidents and innocent errors of judgment are going to happen. You can mitigate these by choosing the right finishes. No work surface is indestructible, quartz included. However, quartz is virtually non-porous, which means spills will sit on the surface and not seep into it. That apple juice should just wipe off with a cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner and non-scratch pad will remove any crayon works of art. Critically, wine spills from that well-deserved glass at the end of the day should also wipe off without a trace.”

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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Layouts


Images Source: Caesarstone


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