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The popularity of porcelain worktops has risen dramatically over recent years and with good reason. The advantages of porcelain are abundant, often outperforming alternate materials such as natural stone in comparison, making it a much more appealing choice for anyone thinking of re-designing their dream kitchen.

One of the biggest advantages of porcelain is how this particular material is available in such a large range of different designs, colours and styles, allowing you to take your design ideas in any direction you desire.

For example, if your dream kitchen is attuned to more of an industrial vibe, your space might consist of raw materials, exposed brickwork and stone and metallic features. Typically, a concrete worktop would pair perfectly with this style, however, unfortunately, concrete can be susceptible to stains and scratches. This is where a porcelain worktop could be a solution. Porcelain worktops can be designed to recreate the urban effect of a concrete surface, for example, Caesarstone’s 412 Beige Ciment from their Metropolitan Collection.

412 Beige Ciment-1-1-1

412 Beige Ciment

Alternatively, your ideal kitchen might have more of a contemporary aesthetic. A crisp, airy space with minimalism at the heart of its design. Think - open-plan layout, accompanied by black detailing and a neutral colour palette, beautifully held together with a white marble worktop. 

Whilst marble worktops are renowned for being scuffed or stained easily… and maybe not a good idea for a busy kitchen, porcelain allows you to achieve the same look without compromising on durability. For example, Caesarstone’s 501 Snowdrift of their Supernatural Collection offers intricate veining within its design, providing a luxurious touch to a simplistic space.

501 Snowdrift

501 Snowdrift

The attractive advantages of a porcelain surface 

Although you may hear the word ‘porcelain’ and start thinking about fragility, this material, when made into a kitchen worktop, is actually very strong, stronger than you may think. In addition, as we all consider the impact on the environment of our purchasing decisions, and look toward sustainable products, leading porcelain brands are committing to developments in this area. Caesarstone Porcelain is made with the environment in mind and thanks to the surface's durability it will last significantly longer than many other worktop materials, reducing the culture of replacement buys. 

Since the recent pandemic, we are all much more aware of the value our outdoor spaces bring, with outdoor kitchens and social spaces growing in popularity for homeowners. Due to its unique properties, porcelain surfaces can withstand harsh weather conditions and is also UV resistant, meaning you can place it outside or near a window without worrying about any damage or colour change. 

Caesarstone Porcelain’s low maintenance, stain-resistant, non-porous surfaces allow for easy cleaning and they are very hygienic, making it perfect for crowded kitchens, beautiful bathrooms and obliging outdoor spaces.  


Explore Caesarstone's porcelain surfaces, here. Alternatively, you can request a sample, here.

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