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The kitchen is a space where many homeowners find their inner calm… whether they prepare dinner for their significant other, or help their children with homework, or get creative as they bake their friends a birthday cake. However they spend their time in the kitchen, the design needs to be one that they love. 

Designing a kitchen that is practical yet breath-taking is crucial to ensure your kitchen remains a space to wind down. Whatever aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve you can start with the white porcelain worktop at the centre and design your space from there, looking at cabinetry, flooring, wall colour, accessories and lighting. 

Benefits of porcelain worktops

One of our favourite reasons for choosing porcelain is its versatility. From luxurious white kitchens to slate grey industrial designs, porcelain comes in a range of designs, colours, and finishes, perfect for any kitchen no matter your style.

Our worktops go through a lot, whether that be from accidents or spillages, it's important to have a worktop that will last through everyday wear and tear. Porcelain is extremely versatile, providing the advantage of durability and quality, without compromising on aesthetics. It is suitable for all households, especially in busy kitchens with growing families, thanks to its high resistance to scratches, its hardy surface, and resistance to thermal shock.

Not only does it have benefits in strength, but its non-porous design also makes it easier to clean away any spills without the need for harsh chemicals, helping to withstand the test of time. It also offers the benefit of UV-light resistance, providing peace of mind if your surface is positioned by a window because the natural daylight won't discolour the worktop. 

How to style white porcelain with the rest of the kitchen

Porcelain is built to keep up with the pressures of modern life and can be styled in a range of ways to suit personal preference. So, choosing a white porcelain surface for your kitchen is not only a smart decision, it’s also a timeless option that gives your kitchen an airy, bright and clean look all year round. 



One of the most exciting things about a white kitchen is that it gives you the opportunity to get creative with a range of different elements, such as lighting. This is a great way to express your individual style. Layered and pendant lighting adds warmth to your space, no matter whether the room is small or large. Whilst dark industrial lighting fixtures can be utilised to contrast the white worktops.


If you're wanting to play with colour, then a range of schemes can be used to complement the porcelain kitchen top, including greens, blues and blacks to make a real impact. For a more subtle design, neutrals and greys offer a stunning alternative. Each coloured cupboard can provide the perfect base to a white porcelain worktop, such as 501 Snowdrift, part of the Supernatural Collection. A crisp white foundation, with golden brown veins softly floating across the base, makes for a luxurious addition to any kitchen.

501 Snowdrift

501 Snowdrift


Decorative elements can help bring your space to life, making it feel more homely and aesthetically pleasing. You can either opt for a minimalist design, keeping accessories subtle or choose ones that stand out, offering more of a focal point, such as green plants on a white porcelain worktop. If the aim is to create a homely feel then rough textures, like rugs and wooden features should be utilised. Whereas, chrome and shiny accessories reflect more light and produce a contemporary look and feel.    

Wall colours 

The walls provide a fantastic opportunity to add a pop of colour to your kitchen against a pale worktop. Stone Blue, one of Farrow and Ball’s Colours of the Year, goes beautifully with many colour schemes, whether that be a striking grey or calming sage green. Alternatively, you can opt for a more striking shade that acts as more of a feature wall, allowing you to add your own flair and enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. 


The majority of flooring styles match a white worktop, from traditional dark brown oak, to grey stone tiles, to patterned vinyl flooring. Flooring choice is unique to each kitchen and the style that is desired, there should always be a good balance between practicality and aesthetics. 110 Whiteanna, part of the Classico Collection, offers a purely minimalist style that will complement a range of flooring options and colours. You could opt for a simple and sleek design or contrast with other materials and patterns. 


110 Whitenna

110 Whiteanna


With white porcelain worktops being so versatile, there are an abundance of ways that your kitchen can be styled to make it aesthetically pleasing and uniquely your own. Play with colour, materials and textures to complete your design scheme. 

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