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The way we design our kitchens now is becoming an ever-evolving learning process. Kitchens are now family rooms utilised not just for cooking but entertaining, dining, teaching, working, socialising and even relaxing, meaning there’s much more to consider when working through the design process. But one thing you should never avoid and always pay great attention to is the worktop. 

This dependable centrepiece of any kitchen, if sourced correctly, can last years and still look as good as the day you bought it. There is a range of beautiful materials to choose from when picking out your future kitchen worktop, but porcelain has become more and more popular in recent years due to its durability and versatility. Here’s why you should re-design your kitchen with porcelain at the heart…


Why porcelain worktops are becoming so popular 

From a concrete industrial style to a stunning marble design and every style in between, there are many colours and designs on the market. Porcelain worktops are available in thinner profiles than other materials, for a sleek finish, and are renowned for their design and hardness.

Porcelain worktops, sometimes referred to as sintered stone or ceramic worktops, are also very durable and are ideal for busy households, kitchens and even bathrooms, not least as they are highly resistant to scratching and etching. Unlike other worktop materials, porcelain is also resistant to thermal shock, meaning it won’t melt or char. However, in order to sustain the timeless beauty of a Caesarstone worktop, we still recommend protecting your surface with trivets or chopping boards. 

Because of its stain-resistance and non-porous nature, porcelain is a very easy material to clean. Spills can be simply wiped away without soaking into the surface, and stains can usually be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. And unlike natural stone or wood, a porcelain worktop would not need sealing or waxing to protect it. 

Another major advantage that porcelain has over other surfaces is that it is UV light-resistant. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight won’t discolour this surface. It’s a relief knowing you can design your kitchen layout and worktop without worrying where the windows are located.


Incorporating porcelain into your kitchen design 

A porcelain worktop has the ability to slot into any style or design you envision for your kitchen thanks again to its versatility. Whether you are searching for the aesthetics of classic white marbles or a sophisticated black worktop, there is a Caesarstone Porcelain surface for you without having to substitute quality or durability.

Porcelain countertops offer classic marble motifs for a timeless design that never goes out of style, perfect for more traditional schemes. If you’re feeling more daring and are considering an industrial design for your new kitchen, you’re also in luck, because Caesarstone Porcelain opens you up to endless possibilities by offering a mixture of styles and colours, giving your creativity free rein and taking away any limitations. 

A concrete-effect porcelain worktop is one of the most popular designs in contemporary homes, as it's the ideal décor choice for those who want a more urban ambience for their home. Its tactility and careful mix of tones, as well as its understated appearance, provide a contemporary, yet distinctive, feel to the space.

If you’re a minimalist, or you like to change up your kitchen style on a fairly regular basis, an elegant porcelain surface is a must-have. Having this as the starting point in your home means you can redecorate your kitchen however and whenever you like without having to invest in a new worktop.

Even just utilising a single colour such as a deep black or a pure white for your porcelain surface can result in a highly adaptable monochromatic area to which you can add multiple subtleties like furniture, fixtures, and accessories to give it a cheery, modern feel. 

In short, porcelain is a durable, multifaceted material with designs that can suit every kitchen. It can fit in with what you already have as well as be the inspiration for your entire design. It’s the perfect choice for any dream kitchen no matter what style you choose.

If you'd like to explore Caesarstone Porcelain surfaces, you can download the brochure, here. Alternatively, you can request a sample, here.

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