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Caesarstone's premium collections will now include a total of 23 breath-taking porcelain worktops. Porcelain's stunning combination of diverse colours, tactile textures, and dynamic motions provides customers with endless opportunities for producing the ultimate unique statement.

Thanks to the winning combination of appearance and practicality that is porcelain, people have more freedom to choose the perfect work surface for the foundation of their dream kitchen.



Caesarstone Porcelain piques the imagination, bringing these extraordinary patterns to life in new and unexpected ways. Caesarstone is reinventing surface design evoking the natural qualities of marble, granite and other natural stones, as well as referencing the industrial characteristics of concrete and metal, to represent the world around us. With richer colours, bolder designs, bigger patterns, and palpable textures for both interior and outdoor applications, this new range delivers a new and unique style that is revolutionising kitchen surfaces. 

Porcelain provides a high degree of durability and strength for added safety and peace of mind, while enhancing dynamic living and creativity both indoors and out. Caesarstone's cutting-edge know-how is illustrated by three physical qualities that raise the bar for porcelain worktops by combining delicate beauty with enhanced robustness.

1) Caesarstone’s forward design achieves striking colour schemes, bolder veins, palpable textures, and magnified patterns in breakthrough surfaces that are simple to care for and maintain, in Honed or Ultra Rough finishes that accentuate their design. 

2) The high-heat structure of Caesarstone’s porcelain worktops forms a resilient surface that is extremely resistant to high temperatures. Whilst the blend of natural ingredients secures UV resistance for outdoor use.

3) A fortified frame provides an extremely hard surface, incredibly resistant to scratches, pressure, and cracks, enabling it to stand up to the most demanding high-volume use.

“Designing our new Porcelain Collection was like entering a theme park: thanks to our innovative use of this material, our customers can now opt for all the intricacies they wanted but could never previously enjoy in the same product. Now there are no limits.”

Mor Krisher - Chief Designer


More and more homeowners are beginning to opt for porcelain as their kitchen worktop for a number of reasons, including the fact it’s scratch, heat and stain resistant, non-porous, hygienic, easy to care for and maintain, plus it’s available in a range of beautiful designs and carefully selected finishes chosen to accentuate each individual design. You can read more about the benefits of porcelain, here.


Caesarstone’s expanded collections

The Supernatural Collection boasts a limitless beauty of contemporary design, inspired by the spirit of nature. The collection features intricate veining, expressive finishes and a plethora of colours and designs. The following porcelain surfaces are a perfect addition to this collection, complementary to the complexity, emotion and uniqueness of the current suite of Supernatural surfaces.

501 Snowdrift; 502 Sleet; 503 Circa; 504 Lumena; 505 Archetta; 506 Mirabel; 510 Impermia; 511 Smokestone; 512 Transcenda; 513 Striata; 516 Locura; 531 Libretta; 533 Silverdrop; 540 Monumental; 580 Fume


502 Sleet


The Metropolitan Collection is a diverse range that showcases elements from an industrial palette. Celebrating the urban aesthetic, this collection features a raw, unpolished take on kitchen design. Inspired by the authentic nature of the construction industry, you’ll find references to more rigorous materials including concretes and cements. This collection is welcoming five new porcelain surfaces, all of which captivate authentic textures within the design.

302 Metallio Black; 410 Aluminous; 411 Concritta; 412 Beige Ciment; 413 White Ciment


The Classico Collection offers an elegant foundation to the home. This collection features a classical design that ranges from the pure lightness to the deepest darkness. Capturing the core identity of this collection, three new porcelain surfaces have been introduced.

110 Whiteanna; 130 Darma; 220 Magnate


130 Darma-1-1

130 Darma

An outdoor design

Caesarstone Porcelain countertops have been designed with the demand of al fresco dining in mind. These high-performance surfaces are suitable for both your indoor and outdoor spaces, with its durable strength and UV resistance qualities.

As homeowners, we want to make the most of our exterior space. By choosing a robust design where aesthetics hasn’t been compromised means you can enjoy your outdoor dining area all year round. Be it BBQs in the summer sun, or cosy catch-ups around a firepit in the crisp winter air, with Caesarstone Porcelain surfaces you can relax and enjoy the evening without the worry of harsh weather causing damage.



Caesarstone Porcelain is built to last, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. We go above and beyond to provide you with the peace of mind that your surface will stay safe and durable. For further comfort, our in-market technical staff provides additional assistance. When you pick Caesarstone for the heart of your home, you're investing in a worktop that will truly last a lifetime… 


Explore Caesarstone's porcelain surfaces, here. Alternatively, you can request a sample, here.

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