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Caesarstone Porcelain is an aesthetically beautiful range of surfaces that express elements from a variety of sources. They embody innovative properties that create a unique and captivating design, portraying varying colours, dynamic movements and specific textures. These surfaces are highly durable for both indoor and outdoor use, unleashing the passion for interior design, and illustrating Caesarstone’s continuous drive for innovation.

The inspiration

The journey of this recent launch began with a lengthy mapping phase, which started with a broad study of trends that encompassed not only kitchens, but also fashion, the home, colours, and materials.

There’s a clear focus on bolder designs with delicate blue and green capillaries, plus dominant arteries that take on a romantic interpretation, resembling sea foam, and an industrial concrete look featuring warmer colours.

With Caesarstone’s design expertise and an advanced slab production method which harnesses cutting-edge technology, Caesarstone Porcelain stems directly from in-depth curation and research.

The Making Of Porcelain-1

Why porcelain?

The beauty of opting for porcelain in your kitchen design is that you can achieve the aesthetic you love without compromising on durability. Whether you’re after an intense industrial-style kitchen or a light, natural atmosphere, then this material can offer just that. 

Beyond aesthetics, Caesarstone Porcelain kitchen tops are highly resistant to heat, sunlight, UV and extreme weather conditions, making them ideally suited for outdoor spaces as well as indoor usage. Another benefit is that they are stain-resistant, simple to clean and low maintenance, saving you both time and effort. 


Take a closer look

501 Snowdrift

501 Snowdrift is a pure, crisp white porcelain worktop that is accentuated by soft golden brown veins, floating across the hazy base. The clean, bright surface reflects light into the kitchen, creating an airy and contemporary feel. This unique surface combines nature and the functionality of porcelain to reflect a modern luxury lifestyle. 

This timeless colour will pair perfectly with a range of palettes. For a fresh, calming style, match with neutrals, pastels and soft colours. For a more bold look, why not pair with emerald green or navy blue, or combine with gold or brushed steel to create a peaceful minimalist feel.   

501 Snowdrift

501 Snowdrift

302 Metallio Black

For a more industrial style, 302 Metallio Black captures the transformative process of iron and lead when exposed to very high levels of heat, with a graphite-toned base with floating smoky patinas. This distinctive look elegantly captures the urban aesthetic, offering an unpolished representation of materials found in urban infrastructure and factories. 

This works tremendously with slate or wooden flooring and dark cabinetry, or you could pair it with metallic fixtures for a truly industrial feel. Metallio Black resembles Caesarstone's pursuit to provide new interior experiences.

302 Metallio Black-1

302 Metallio Black

513 Striata

Part of the extended Supernatural Collection, 513 Striata gives off a striking effect, exploring the impacts of weather over time, with bold dark veins across a lighter surface. The stone-inspired surface will look stunning in a range of kitchens from contemporary designs to country homes, matching your unique personal preference. 

513 Striata

513 Striata


Caesarstone Porcelain worktops are meticulously designed without compromising on durability, practicality and performance. Not only will you be able to create your dream kitchen, but you will be given peace of mind knowing they are durable enough for day-to-day living.

Explore Caesarstone's porcelain surfaces, here. Alternatively, you can request a sample, here.

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