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Today, black has been reconsidered as a modern classic, used as a stark accent or a powerful overall look. Furniture, table tops, flowers and food are just some of the lifestyle elements that have transitioned to shades of black. Dark slate and stone, along with oxidised metal and black lacquered wood, are among the remarkable materials being combined in dramatic interiors.

Caesarstone continues to spearhead the market for innovative surfaces with the launch of four dark, sultry shades. Several years in the making, they draw inspiration from the desert and the great outdoors, where Caesarstone’s in-house design team ventured to help shape the look and feel of the new products. Inspired by the organic materials found on their travels, the team experimented with how different stones hold colours at night. The following video shows the in-depth process and inspirations behind these new products.


Caesarstone’s four new surfaces embrace a contemporary trend in kitchens and bathrooms that have recently set a bold tone. As an antidote to light and sometimes ascetic colour palettes, this softer mood is much more striking and unexpected.

From the classic luxury of 5101 Empira Black to the evocative patinas of rusted 4735 Oxidian and weathered 5810 Black Tempal, the Art of Darkness presents an intriguing range of captivating hues that bring warmth to the home and an evocative caress to the stone. 

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5810 Black Tempal and 4735 Oxidian are enhanced by the new Natural Finish by the new Natural Finish with a satisfying tactile grain one can feel, adding extra depth to its textural darks. A satin sheen gently reflects light – captivating the viewer and enhancing the depth of colour, especially on darker shades. With the practicality of the minimal care and maintenance synonymous with all Caesarstone products, there is a perfect synergy blending style and substance.


5101 Empira Black

Encompassing the mystery of dark stone, Empira Black has a dark base composed of rich, deep black, juxtaposed with fine, white natural veins. Inspired by the authentic characteristics of natural forms, Empira Black endows any space with the sophistication of marble but with a unique magnanimity not found anywhere else in nature.


5810 Black Tempal

Joining Caesarstone’s ground-breaking Metropolitan Collection, Black Tempal has soft, mineral deposits that give rise to a delicate, light veil of warm whites that contrast with the sturdy black charcoal base. Its textured, complex, industrial composition reflects a captivating interpretation of travertine, as its finish enhances the colour’s depth while capturing warm, granular highlights.

4735 Oxidian

Another new addition to the Metropolitan Collection, Oxidian celebrates the industrial aesthetic of patina and the tactile experience of touch. Oxidian features a dark grey base that is tarnished with an oxidised russet effect that, just like rust, is distributed unevenly throughout the surface for an authentic finish.


These three new dark shades join several other existing colours in the Caesarstone collection that are enjoying growing attention as homeowners and designers turn increasingly towards black and dark grey surfaces; 5100 Vanilla Noir, 3100 Jet Black, 4120 Raven and 5003 Piatra Grey, all of which are available in the sleek and sophisticated Polished Finish.

Intrigued by the art of darkness? Request a copy of our guide exploring these four new Caesarstone surfaces…


Art of Darkness brochure


Images Source: Caesarstone