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Why you should consider marble quartz worktops

Marble quartz is an engineered stone that’s similar in look and feel to marble. The only difference between the two is what they’re made of and..

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Sublime design: Spotlight on Empira White

Empira White is the latest addition to our Supernatural collection, a range that we have been adding to for over a decade, inspired by the..

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Quartz: Frequently Asked Questions

Quartz is one of nature's toughest mineral and has been used for applications such as jewellery and carvings since antiquity; it is only recently..

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An in-depth look at some of the quartz worktop colours to choose from

Trying to pick just one worktop colour from an extensive range can be a challenge. With so many styles, textures, qualities and unique details on..

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5 quartz alternatives to marble worktops

When redesigning or refreshing your kitchen, one of the biggest options to consider is your worktops. With so many different materials on offer,..

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What makes Caesarstone quartz different?

In a surface landscape that’s littered with a million and one different options for your kitchen worktop, we can appreciate why someone may ask –..

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