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Trends in interiors have set a darker tone layered with emotion. Black and dark materials have recently been introduced to the most stylish urban kitchens and bathrooms in the form of stones like slate and travertine – tactile materials that possess an almost industrial presence.

Embrace this transition to earthy materials in your design with our new innovative surface, 5810 Black Tempal.


Part of Caesarstone’s industrialised Metropolitan Collection, 5810 Black Tempal has soft mineral deposits that give rise to a delicate, light veil of warm whites across the slab, in contrast to the sturdy black charcoal base. Its textured, complex industrial composition reflects a captivating interpretation of travertine, as its finish enhances the colour’s depth while capturing warm granular highlights. 


Caesarstone pioneered the idea of quartz surfaces for the home since the 1980s, continually innovating in both aesthetics and performance. The unique design story behind Caesarstone surfaces is what sets them apart, and why they act as a foundation for us to create engaging spaces in our own homes.


Perfect pairings

5810 Black Tempal5810 Black Tempal

Oak, taupe-tinted tiles and russet upholstery create a warm, sophisticated statement when paired with Black Tempal. Brushed steel and gunmetal hardware complement the surface, while putty grey walls and grey-washed woods offer a captivating dichotomy. Yet, Black Tempal’s organic essence can also see it paired with humbler materials, from rough slate to raw concrete, accented by celadon tiles and handmade ceramics. Splashes of warm neutrals or brighter colours further animate the interior and juxtapose it's dark shadows.


Incomparable quality

5810 Black Tempal5810 Black Tempal

The new Natural Finish that completes 5810 Black Tempal means the surface combines inherent tactile qualities with a captivating satin sheen to enhance the depth of colour. This surface is no exception to the superior quality synonymous with Caesarstone products, which are notoriously practical, with minimal care and maintenance required. For complete peace of mind, we can offer you a lifetime warranty on all of our products. Our confidence in the durability of our surfaces stems from the rigorous manufacturing process they all undergo and high-level quality control they endure.

Visit a Caesarstone showroom to experience the true beauty of 5810 Black Tempal for yourself. Our London and Manchester Studios offers a truly tactile experience, where you can touch and feel the satisfying solidity of the slabs with full-scale displays from across the range. Or, take a virtual tour

Starting your dark kitchen moodboard? Order a sample of your favourite dark Caesarstone quartz surface delivered straight to your door.


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Images Source: Caesarstone