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A shift towards incorporating dark materials has influenced contemporary design and decorating in the most stylish settings. Black marble, in particular, has the power to express opulence and drama, yet remarkably this timeless classic can also suggest the modest beauty of nature through the organic veining that discreetly traces its complex body.



With all the mystery of a dark stone, 5101 Empira Black has an enigmatic base composed of rich, deep black, beautified by fine white natural veins. Emotional and full of depth, Caesarstone’s Natural Finish heightens its elegant feel without overwhelming its innate essence. Inspired by the authentic characteristics of natural forms, Empira Black endows the space with the sophistication of real marble – yet still with truly unique elements that transcend its natural predecessors. 

With nearly three decades at the forefront of the quartz industry, it is the continued dedication to innovation that ensures every Caesarstone design is unique. It is this long creative journey, resulting in surfaces that excel in aesthetic and performance, that stands Caesarstone apart.


Perfect pairings

Empira Black transforms any room into a luxury experience. Whether as a contrasting island silhouette or used all-over for an utterly stunning look, this memorable surface combines well with other high-end finishes, such as classic hardware, black lacquered cabinets or dark woods like walnut. This creative interpretation of natural stone brings sophisticated, timeless classic qualities to any interior.

It pairs especially well with opulent gold highlights and luxurious pastel velvets to achieve a statement Art Deco styling. The impressive surface looks equally fitting in a farmhouse kitchen, being the epitome of classical design.

5101 Empira Black5101 Empira Black

Incomparable quality

5101 Empira Black benefits from our new Natural Finish, which combines an inherent tactile nature with a captivating satin sheen enhancing the depth of colour. This surface is no exception to the superior quality synonymous with Caesarstone products, which are notoriously practical, with minimal care and maintenance required. Because of our confidence in the durability of our surfaces, along with the rigorous manufacturing process and high-level quality control they endure, we can offer you a lifetime warranty on all of our products for complete peace of mind.

Visit a Caesarstone showroom to experience the true beauty of 5101 Empira Black for yourself. Our London and Manchester Studios offers a truly tactile experience, where you can touch and feel the satisfying solidity of the slabs with full-scale displays from across the range. Or, take a virtual tour...

See Caesarstone's sublime design and quality for yourself. Order a sample of your favourite dark Caesarstone quartz surface delivered straight to your door.

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Images Source: Caesarstone