7 black worktops for different style kitchens

If you’re wanting to add an element of drama to your design, then black worktops create a statement impact in any style of kitchen. From marble, granite, or slate, to any intensely black surface, embrace the art of darkness when planning your next kitchen renovation.

Here are seven different stylisations of our favourite dark surfaces:


1. Art Deco Glamour

5101 Empira Black5101 Empira Black

The decadence emitted from this luxurious marble inspired quartz surface, 5101 Empira Black, perfectly showcases a vintage-inspired stylisation. Utilising a dark surface provides an ideal foundation to showcase contrasting features such as gold embellishments, pretty pastel velvets and ivory wood panelling.


2. Organic elements

5810 Black Tempal

5810 Black Tempal

The weathered, raw presence of this strong and earthy slab, 5810 Black Tempal, draws the outside in. Taking this imposing surface and merging it with light, softer surroundings effectively unify to create an airy, open space, evoking feelings of being on a slate adorned mountaintop.


3. Scandinavian

5810 Black Tempal
5810 Black Tempal

Drawing on the natural elements of this travertine-inspired surface, 5810 Black Tempal co-ordinates perfectly with wooden cabinetry to achieve an authentic, Scandinavian-inspired design. Blending beautifully with putty walls and grey stone flooring, complete the look with an abundance of greenery and rustic stoneware crockery so familiar within a Scandi aesthetic.


The art of darkness: How to design the perfect dark kitchen


4. Classic design

5101 Empira Black

5101 Empira Black

Classic Georgian design is achieved with an elegant black marble worktop. 5101 Empira Black fits this brief perfectly, showcasing intricate white veining that encapsulates simple luxury so well. Add in a Belfast sink atop ivory quaker cabinets, raw Oak wood flooring and wooden accessories around the room will complete the look.


5. Industrial

4735 Oxidian

4735 Oxidian

The metallic highlights in this dark surface add layers of dimension to an industrial kitchen. Drawing on the raw elements used in mills and factories that inspire such a design, 4735 Oxidian is an ideal choice to merge with concrete, exposed brick and metals. Pulling together such diverse mixed materials feels both contemporary and sophisticated, with the metallic detailing adding effortless opulence.


6. Metropolitan chic

3100 Jet Black

3100 Jet Black

This intense, inky worktop, 3100 Jet Black, is streamlined and sophisticated. Contrast the dark with light to create a metropolitan-style scheme, which gives it a sense of drama, whilst remaining chic and flawlessly on-trend. A touch of oak in the cabinetry and flooring can create a combined sense of warmth and softness to counteract the minimalism of a modern design.


7. Minimalist

4120raven_816_big_opt (1)

4120 Raven

A minimalist-themed kitchen will always have elements of clean simplicity and sleek outlines, more often than not featuring white as a central colour. Opting for a dark grey worktop like 4120 Raven can elevate such simplicity, adding depth and contrast to the scheme without fuss. The polished finish works seamlessly with glossy cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, especially when used on a statement island to unify the style.

Are you being drawn over to the dark side? Read our guide, The art of darkness: How to design the perfect dark kitchen, to inspire your own renovation project.

The art of darkness design guide


Images Source: Caesarstone

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