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Dark kitchen design can be daunting, with many put off by the prospect of how deeper tones might impact a smaller space. But in fact, when you create optical illusions, you can expand the perception of space and introduce more light and interest to your kitchen. To start, it works best to think logically about the space you have and how you can use this to your advantage. So we've devised a list of easy kitchen illusions to help transform your kitchen during your next home renovation:


1. Incorporate mirrors


Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors. Showhomes and interior decorators often use the deflection of light to give the illusion of a larger room and the same can be said for your kitchen, as reflected in Elle Decor.

Whether you opt for mirrored kitchen tiles or a full mirror splashback, this straightforward trick helps to double the size of your room. All the while, maximising available natural daylight will instantly brightens up your kitchen.

Polished stone splashbacks can have a similar effect, reflecting light and creating the impression of a deeper space.


2. Consider integrated appliances


It might seem apparent, but you can save plenty of space with integrated appliances. Hiding away bulky white goods such as your American-style fridge/freezer and freestanding dishwasher, keeps your kitchen looking visually sleek and streamlined.

Fisher and Paykel specialise in designing your kitchen with an integrated style to achieve that uninterrupted, cohesive look whilst enabling you to make the most out of your kitchen space.

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3. Utilise under-cabinet lighting


Showcase the intensity and depth of your kitchen worktops by installing strips of LED lighting. This gives a spotlight to your black cabinetry and worktops that illuminates those dark surfaces. This statement feature gives the look of luxury, whilst adding practical lighting to make your workspace even more functional.

Companies such as Sensio Lighting and John Lewis have a range of kitchen light fittings which can help create the illusion of more space and add a spotlight on your chic black fittings.


4. Add floor-to-ceiling windows


Where possible, add floor-to-ceiling windows to benefit the overall aesthetic of your small kitchen design. With the integration of black units and worktops, an average-sized space could feel enclosed, but this is easily balanced with the introduction of brightness and the capitalisation of charming views, framed like a work of art. Consider painting walls in fresh whites or light greys to help reflect this natural light and brighten the space. Contrasting wall and cabinetry colour will also make even more of a showcase of your dark kitchen design.


5. Enhanced practicality

Whether your kitchen takes the impact of bustling family life, or if your demanding job means you are often rushed out of your kitchen to later return to cooking chaos, then a black kitchen worktop is ideal for disguising mess and provisionally concealing any spilt crumbs or food you may make while cooking. Daily cleaning will ensure your surfaces retain their contemporary appearance for years to come. Clever colour choices will help give your kitchen the illusion of being flawless, even on those rushed occasions.


Feeling tempted by the transition to a deeper palette? Or are you afraid of the dark? Take our quiz to determine where your tastes lie.

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