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Pluck Kitchens choose Caesarstone Ocean Foam quartz worktops for a bright and modern family kitchen

When it came to designing the perfect home, this family was set on creating a bright and comfortable atmosphere that would help them relax and enjoy the Hampshire countryside. The modern kitchen by Pluck provides just that, with its warm coral pink shade, natural wooden features and sleek Caesarstone 6141 Ocean Foam worktop.

The striking kitchen is part of a complete redesign project by architects PAD studio, who were tasked with designing the Clay Retreat, a newly-built, low-carbon home in the New Forest replacing an existing holiday cottage. It was important that the retreat had a strong connection to the outdoors, complementing its rural setting whilst maintaining a contemporary look.

 Caesarstone Ocean Foam worktops chosen by Pluck KitchensOverlooking the garden, the open-plan kitchen is a light-filled space for the whole family to use, be it for preparing and enjoying meals, planning recipes or socialising and entertaining. The scheme incorporates plenty of clever storage solutions whilst keeping the number of cabinets to the minimum, in order not to overwhelm the room.

The star of the show, the central island provides additional storage and prep area, with its elegant waterfall edged 6141 Ocean Foam worktop offering a fresh contrast against Pluck’s London Plane cabinetry. As the back run of cabinets accommodates both a large range cooker and sink, the island is left completely clear of any appliances, enhancing its sophisticated, minimalist look and letting the striking quartz worktop do all the talking. With its light colour, thin profile and negative space created by the empty area underneath the island, this custom piece has a sculptural, yet light and airy feel.

In keeping with the serene ambience of the rest of the property, the kitchen colour palette is all about creating a bright, welcoming space. The clay plaster walls, poured concrete floor and rich wooden elements work together beautifully with the bolder shade of the cabinetry, Ritzy by Pluck. Tying in with both the warm cabinetry colour and organic elements in the room, Ocean Foam by Caesarstone brings a refreshing ambience to the space, with its subtle patterns and crystalline particles reflecting the appearance of natural stone. Effortlessly enhancing the modern aesthetic of the kitchen, Ocean Foam reflects natural and artificial light, making the space appear brighter and more spacious.

pluck-caesarstone-ocean-foam-03 "Natural yet sophisticated, lighter colours such as whites, beiges and greys promise to bring a serene and calm feel to a kitchen. Utterly timeless, these hues pair beautifully with bold colours and can make a quiet statement on their own through subtle detailing”, says Mor Krishner, Head of Design at Caesarstone. 

When it came to specifying the kitchen worktops, Ricky Evans, Associate Architect at PAD studio, had no doubts. “Caesarstone provided a high-quality, durable material in a neutral finish that complemented the overall kitchen design and open-plan interior. The material could also achieve the unsupported spans of the island unit we were looking for in a relatively thin profile. The quality of the worktop was also a deciding factor for us – its composition ensures resistance to scratches, stains and heat, making it suitable for everyday use in a busy kitchen. Additionally, its non-porous nature makes it hygienic and easy to clean, requiring only simple care to maintain its pristine appearance”, says Ricky.

A celebration of effortless, cohesive design, the contemporary kitchen at the Clay Retreat is the perfect setting for family life. Practical yet thoughtful, it combines clean lines, eye-catching features and plenty of personality to deliver a balanced,  bright and versatile scheme. 

Photography by Malcolm Menzies