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Scandinavian-style kitchens blend minimalism with warmth in perfect harmony. Neutral colours, clean contemporary lines, and natural elements are typical of Nordic interior design. 

Scandi kitchens embrace hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh), the Danish way of living that encompasses a feeling of contentment through enjoying the simple things in life. A Scandi kitchen that focuses on hygge will exude comfort and serenity, whilst offering the perfect setting for hosting.

Read on to discover how to create your own Scandinavian kitchen sanctuary…

Embrace a neutral colour palette 

The hallmark of a classic Scandi kitchen is a simple colour palette. Rather than mixing too many bold colours, stick to primarily natural shades such as whites, greys, and beiges. Light or pale hues will keep your Scandinavian space feeling fresh, bright, and airy. But if you’d like to bring contrast to your neutral colour scheme, you could introduce pops of pastels, calming greens, or black accents.


4043 Primordia

Play around with textures

Another common characteristic of a Scandi kitchen is blending a range of textures - particularly those with a natural feel. Incorporate wood elements through your cabinetry, shelving or flooring, whilst woven materials like rattan and wicker can be used for beautiful lighting fixtures and kitchen accessories. If you wish, use a soft patterned rug to create a homely feel that is quintessentially Scandinavian. 

Your choice of kitchen worktop is another way to add textural interest. With its earthy, natural quality and captivating texture, Caesarstone’s 4043 Primordia is very at home in a Scandi kitchen. Mineral splotches of off-whites, veils of grey, and oxidised rusts bring depth and allure. 5211 Noble Grey is another beautiful addition to a Scandi kitchen, combining dark greys with creamy hues of white.

Create a sociable space

In Scandi interior design, there’s a big emphasis on open-plan, social spaces that evoke a feeling of togetherness. Add seating areas for friends to gather around and socialise whilst you cook up a storm, whether it be a large dining table or a relaxed breakfast bar. 

The next time you’re hosting a family gathering, or just having a friend or two round for coffee, your Scandi-inspired kitchen will make guests feel duly welcomed from the very moment they enter the room. 


516 Locura

Bring nature indoors 

The ‘hygge’ way of living focuses on fulfillment and well-being. Incorporating nature into our homes can be a huge happiness booster, so consider adding some greenery to your Scandi kitchen. Not only can plants introduce a welcome pop of colour, but research shows they may also help to reduce stress levels. Place planters on your shelving or dot ceramic vases filled with lush greenery around the kitchen. 

Create your Scandi kitchen now…

Are you now feeling inspired to bring Nordic charm to your kitchen renovation? Progress your project by requesting a worktop sample from Caesarstone, and visualise your beautiful chosen surface in your space.

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