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Transitional kitchen design was inspired by the comfort of traditional style reimagined in the minimalistic aesthetic of our modern world. With a mixture of both contemporary and traditional elements, this style makes a bold statement that is both personal and timeless. Simple, symmetrical lines frame the intriguing interplay of modern styling with classic opulence, showing that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. For many, this design is ideal as it allows their kitchen to remain in keeping with the original architecture of their home, yet include all the functionality needed for today's modern living, meaning you can truly take advantage of your unique home. 


5171 Arabetto

What does transitional kitchen design look like?

With this style, colours, textures, and designs are combined to create a kitchen that is both traditional and modern, all at the same time. This is an enticing reason many opt for a transitional kitchen as it means no two are ever the same, resulting in a truly unique kitchen for your home. This type of design typically includes clean and practical elements as well as both organic and manmade materials. It generally adheres to a fairly neutral colour palette and avoids complicated patterns. In our Surrey case study, you can find a great example of transitional kitchen design. 

For this five-bedroom Victorian terraced house in Surrey, YEO combined sleek and contemporary lines with unique accents, including Caesarstone 5031 Statuario Maximus worktops. The deep colour of the units was contrasted by the marble aesthetic of the quartz 5031 Statuario Maximus worktops, a quartz worktop design from Caesarstone, with a soft, white base colour and billowing grey veins that sweep across the worktop surface. The family’s island beautifully showcases the cascading vein work of the design. “The Statuario Maximus quartz worktops were fitted to create a waterfall island whereby the material is carried down to the floor to stunning effect,” explained the homeowner.


5031 Statuario Maximus |  Refurbishment by Yeo

Caesarstone’s worktops, like transitional kitchen design, offer you the best of both worlds. For those wishing for a granite worktop for their transitional kitchen, but don’t want to pay for annual sealing, 6046 Moorland Fog embodies the essence of granite but is actually a densely rich, creamy, light-coloured canvas, flushed with a touch of taupe and swirly veins in fogy browns and greys. In fact, this quartz surface requires very little maintenance in comparison to natural stone granite worktops.

Another great choice for transitional kitchen design is 580 Fume. It’s an energetic beige base with cream-coloured veining rippling across it creating a rich frothy feeling in the overall look of this unique slab with its genuine marbling effect that is both opulent and soft. And with Caesarstone’s lifetime warranty, once installed, you can relax, knowing your kitchen’s foundation will remain timelessly beautiful. 

504 Lumena-2

504 Lumena

Part of the Caesarstone commitment is to help you along your dream kitchen journey. Request a sample of your chosen surfaces today and start comparing and contrasting elements to create the perfect mood board for your transitional kitchen. 

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