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In the UK, we are spending increasing amounts of time outdoors; our gardens are now spaces in which we live, work, play and entertain. No matter what time of the year, we want to enjoy the outdoors as an extension of our home. Reconnecting and feeling at one with nature, feeling the fresh air and listening to the rustle of trees and the chirps of birds whilst enjoying a coffee, reading a book, or outdoor dining, is good for the soul.
Time outdoors can have huge benefits to our mental health, as well as improving conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma. These factors, combined with the versatility and flexibility today’s outdoor living solutions offer, mean we are all truly understanding the value of time spent outside. By reframing our outdoor spaces as extensions of our homes means that our gardens, balconies and terraces can be integrated into our daily routines.

Designing the Great Outdoors

Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection of quartz surfaces have been designed with elevated outdoor living in mind. Comprising three brand new quartz designs, the collection includes; 515 Palm Shade, an homage to white marble with subtle veining; 405 Midday, a fresh white concrete to set off paving, stone, or decking; and 406 Clearskies, a grey concrete with added depth, ideal for contemporary gardens. Whether you’re planning a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, a sleek BBQ station or a sophisticated al fresco dining area, Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection will be the centrepiece to elevate your scheme.

Caesarstone surfaces combine the height of design with practicality and reliability. The Outdoor Collection is no exception, benefiting from being non-porous, durable, scratch, stain, mould and mildew resistant and easy-to-clean. In addition, they have been meticulously tested to withstand harsh sunlight and variable temperatures, ensuring they remain highly UV and weather-resistant at all times. Plus, Caesarstone outdoor surfaces come with a ten-year warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

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Take a closer look at the Caesarstone outdoor collection...

515 Palm Shade - Caesarstone Outdoor Collection

515_Palm_Shade_Rooftop_Render_new (1) (1)

Define your outdoor kitchen with the classic style of white marble. This elegant surface makes a spectacular stand-alone island feature, and works beautifully alongside stainless-steel barbecues and wooden butcher-blocks. The subtly veined, translucent white surface has an earthy depth, making it incredibly versatile. This beautiful stone brings a lightness to any outdoor setting, perfectly complementing neutral facades and landscapes.

405 Midday - Caesarstone Outdoor Collection

405_Midday_2_DPS_new sq

Midday pairs equally well with neutral facades, tiling, stone or light wooden decking. The organic nature of Midday is drawn from the beauty of nature, making it a perfect fit also with accents of raw materials such as metal, glass or classic wicker furniture. Enhanced by surrounding foliage whose playful shadows add to the dimension of the worktop, complete the outdoor setting by adding to this with plant pots in warm grey, beige or terracotta.

406 Clearskies - Caesarstone Outdoor Collection

406_Clearskies_Lakehouse_Render_CU (1) (1)

Clearskies brings an earthier style to outdoor countertops, backsplashes and tables thanks to its metallic accents of black or brass. Perfect in a contemporary setting, pairing well with tactile materials such as concrete, slate, clay pavers and wooden decking.

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Images source: Caesarstone