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Black is one of the current hottest trends for interiors and designers have been quick to utilise this sumptuous, dusky palette within their kitchen schemes. Embracing dark elements within a kitchen adds layers of depth and increased allure. As an antidote to light and sometimes-ascetic colour palettes, this softer mood is much more striking and unexpected. Embrace this contemporary kitchen trend to set a bold tone for your design. 

Moodboards are the starting point of designers when scoping out the foundations of a scheme. They are a playground for compiling and testing different colours, textures and materials for what will inspire the finished product. Trial this technique for your kitchen renovation to create the atmospheric space you desire. 

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The backdrop for your moodboard should be the most dominant feature in the room. In the case of a dark kitchen design, this will be your worktop. Source a sample of your desired surface from which you can draw out highlights to inspire the overall scheme. The light, pearlescent veining in this 5101 Empira Black slab draws on metallic elements. Pick out pigments from the work surface to inspire lighter hues to be used around the room.

5101 Materials  MATTE5101 Empira Black

Introduce variety in texture and consider contrasts within both tactile materials, which is equally important for adding interest as varying use of colour. Consider what material is your surface inspired by and add interest by juxtaposing with contrasting substances and finishes. 

From the basis of your work surface, you’ll be able to weave these ideas into the next most dominating aspects - the cabinetry, flooring and walls. Expanding further, highlights can be embraced within the jewellery of the scheme (door handles, sink and taps etc) as well as the accessories around the room.

Consider adjoining rooms and flow between. Interweave elements from surrounding spaces to ensure flow throughout your home. Remember, it’s important to take photos as you adapt your moodboard; it’s an experimentation phase so it’ll be useful to compare and contrast different compilations, or you may simply wish to go back a step or two. 

In this modern digital age, this technique isn’t restricted to physical flat lays. Though it’s advantageous to see and feel samples in reality to get a true vision of how different elements in your design will pull together, initial research can start online. Platforms such as Pinterest allow you to search for inspiration and gain ideas for your dream kitchen. Social media platforms like Instagram are also ripe for envy-inducing designs that will fuel your motivation. 


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Images Source: Caesarstone