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Kitchens are considered to be the heart of the home. A place families start their day together, where friends enjoy sociable evenings with a bottle of wine and households gather for a home-cooked meal.

Dark and black interior searches have risen 46% year-on-year, demonstrating there is an ever-growing market for alluring shadowy schemes. If you’ve been contemplating renovation ideas for 2020, we’re here to show you the latest kitchen trends that will tempt you over to the dark side.


Boost the mystery


Black kitchens are no longer something to shy away from. They’re becoming a popular trend among the famous and many family homes across the globe for their sense of style and mystery. Don’t be afraid to break the conventional white kitchen mould; there’s next to no colour that black doesn’t contrast well with, making your accent colours pop even more vividly.

A matte black kitchen can help to highlight your favourite accessories, particularly if you include open shelving. Items such as plants, colourful ornaments or glassware helps to brighten your space, whilst adding a touch of luxury to your statement kitchen design.


Light and shade


If you’re a little apprehensive about a full transformation to the dark side, consider looking to black and white kitchen designs for inspiration. It can be something as simple as adding a sleek black worktop and splashback alongside your white cabinetry. Adding a marble interpretation worktop with intricate white veining will beautifully pair together these distinct colours with seamless effect.

If you really want to make your kitchen the epitome of chic, it's the small decorative touches such as pendant lighting that will elevate your minimalist design. Consider adding pops of colour, or embrace a monochrome palette for that exquisite wow-factor.

Are you afraid of the dark?


Black is back

Top professionals are fully embracing the this inky kitchen trend. Experienced interior designer Bobby Berk revealed a kitchen design his team created in 2019 labelled Bold and Black.


Bobby spared no opportunity to show black is back. The striking marble worktop is showcased to dramatic effect in the waterfall end and coordinated splashback. The earthy shade of the kitchen island base creates a synergy with the white veining within the marble countertop, bringing an element of warmth to the room and perfectly blends with the ebony hue.



Compiling raw materials and blending with a darker palette, culminates to create an effortlessly cool, luxury interior. Combining functionality with simplistic beauty, industrial styling is a scheme that can be easily replicated and achieved.


Feeling inspired by the trend dominating the world of kitchen design? Or are you afraid of the dark? Take our quiz to find out how brave you are…

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Header Image Source: Caesarstone