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Marble continues to be one of the most desired stones, depicting opulence and grandeur. In modern settings, it has taken a more relaxed, softer and organic appeal which is resonated within the stunning addition to our Supernatural collection, Empira White. Continue stretching the realms of what is considered possible within the marble quartz composition and production, Empira White combines the organic allure of natural stone with the durability and easy maintenance that are synonymous with Caesarstone.

5151 Empira White

The Inspiration

For years, marble has been the embodiment of sophistication and the epitome of grandeur. 5151 Empira White is our latest appreciation of the authentic white marble, Calacatta, creating a truly unique stone that captures its properties in an entirely new light. We wanted to capture the innate beauty of its organic forms without compromising on performance or maintenance. 

One thing you’ll quickly notice with 5151 Empira White is the sheer brilliance and purity of the white base. After an intensive research and development process by which our product designers tirelessly sought to create the whitest of whites, the result is outstanding. The luminescent base is made all the more vivid when juxtaposed with the deep, nearly-black veins that cascade across the entire surface.

The combined effect of brilliant white and intricate shadows creates a dynamic aesthetic, playing with concepts of light and dark, nature and urban design. The polished finish adds to the luxurious quality, perfectly complementing an array of kitchen styles and design concepts.



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Perfect Pairings

Marble has a timeless appeal that seamlessly assimilates with a traditional kitchen, adding a touch of subtle grandeur that can elevate the design. 5151 Empira White feels sophisticated without fussiness, making an effortless statement of luxury that’s only strengthened by its irrefutable quality.  

Though marble traditionally springs to mind classic, farmhouse-style kitchens, it can just as easily pair with ultra-modern and contemporary designs. It’s become one of the most desired stone styles for kitchens of all types, offering an organic, elemental appeal coupled with a chic, glamorous nuance. The bright white clarity of 5151 Empira White can bring light and depth to a darker or smaller space. It also pairs beautifully with mixed metallic hardware.

Incomparable quality

The key advantage to 5151 Empira White is its superior durability. Because it’s made from premium engineered quartz stone, it is stain, scratch, crack and chip resistant as well as non-porous, making maintenance a breeze. Because of the rigorous manufacturing process and high-level quality control, we can offer you a lifetime warranty on all of our products in residential applications for complete peace of mind.

Why not come and visit one of the Caesarstone studios to see the true beauty of 5151 Empira White for yourself? Our Manchester and London Studios offers a truly tactile experience, where you can touch and feel the satisfying solidity of the slabs with full-scale displays across the range. Or, take a virtual tour...


Images Source: Caesarstone