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White kitchen designs offer a sleek and beautiful space, providing a versatile palette to utilise. In both spacious and smaller rooms, it gives a relaxed and airy feel, which is resonated within the stunning 1001 Riverlet from our Pebbles Collection. Combining the captivating look of a honed finish with durability and sustainability, Caesarstone worktops make a stunning staple piece in your home.


1001 Riverlet


Effortlessly glamorous, 1001 Riverlet showcases the essence of luxury. This design is characterised by a gentle off-white look with honied-amber capillaries flowing gently across the surface. With a honed finish, this style is the epitome of freshness as the creamy tones reflect even more light into the room, creating a bright and relaxing environment. The minimalist veining detailing makes it ideal for any style statement white kitchen

One thing you may notice with this design is its earthy connection to nature itself, captivating nature's true beauty and creativity, and infusing it into this surface. The subtle veining of this surface is inspired by the natural look of a pebble that has been shaped and formed by the wind and water. We wanted to capture the sheer beauty and wonders of pebbles within our worksurfaces without compromising on care or practicality. This style brings a natural feel into your home, taking inspiration from the outdoors whilst delivering a contemporary look.


The Pebbles Collection

Perfect pairings

White is a timeless and serene colour meaning it would bode well in many kitchens whether that be a modern contemporary design or a classic traditional style kitchen. 1001 Riverlet pairs well with a range of colours, blending beautifully with light shades and more airy colours, such as creams and light greys. As well as glazed tiles and pale oaks, when combined with pastel palettes this surface will make the room feel peaceful and fresh. 

When it comes to cabinetry, light greys and whites really complement the gentle off-white surface, as does a walnut finish. For a truly clean and pristine feel, white accessories and pale greys can be used to accessorise and furnish the space around the worktop. For a warmer aesthetic opt for brushed metal hardware and accessories for your worktop.


1001 Riverlet

Incomparable quality

1001 Riverlet has many beneficial properties including its durability and simple maintenance. As it is non-porous, the surface is very easy to care for ensuring a timeless appearance and usage. As they are scratch, stain and crack resistant, they are suitable for use in both kitchens and bathrooms. Due to our excellent standards and conscientious manufacturing process, we are certain you will enjoy our surfaces for many years to come. We can also offer a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind that your worktop stays safe, long-lasting and luxurious.

Caesarstone has received worldwide recognition for its commitment to quality, safety and environmental standards. Each one of our surfaces is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the highest level of international quality standards. Our surfaces come with a 25-year UK warranty on domestic installations and are backed by professional customer service and support.

Explore Caesarstone’s latest collection, The Pebbles Collection is lovingly inspired by the humble pebble. 

The Pebbles Collection