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Caesarstone has been at the forefront of the innovation of quartz surfaces for over 30 years. The durability and design of Caesarstone is second to none, providing a work surface that will stand the test of time. But more importantly even than this, our surfaces have been created to push the boundaries, both visually and texturally.

Chief Designer, Mor Krisher, is continuously striving to enhance the sensory experience of Caesarstone surfaces. He explains, “We are visual creatures and we respond to the colour and patterns that surround us, good or bad. I think Caesarstone plays a role in creating environments that inspire, that connect us with nature or that provide the tactility that is so important to human beings.”

He continues, “When I show someone a new Caesarstone product for the first time, they always end up with their hand repeatedly playing across the surface as we talk, often quite unconsciously. That’s when I know we’ve done our job.”

Our innovative range of quartz colours are enhanced by the physical experience of running your hands atop their satisfyingly tactile surface. Whether you desire a sleek smooth polished surface to glide your hands over, or prefer the coarseness of a rugged concrete, or the dappled indentations of stone, our range of finishes provide authentic delight. And of course only by feeling one of our surfaces can you appreciate the sheer substance of our highly durable and reliable quartz. 

5810 Black Tempal5810 Black Tempal

As we understand the importance of being able to see and feel a surface up close, in all their glory. Requesting a sample of your favourite Caesarstone worktop can be useful when compiling a moodboard and experimenting with your design ideas. But we’re now offering the opportunity to view our collected collections in an impressive display of full-scale slabs, available to view at our Caesarstone UK studios. By booking an appointment, you’ll be able to appreciate at a large scale, the beauty of the aesthetics and tactile sensations evoked. Seeing our show stopping designs in all their glory as full-height slabs allows you to observe every intricate detail and pattern, whilst feeling individual finish. An inspiring and dynamic visit to a Caesarstone studio gives you the opportunity to truly appreciate the unique properties of our world-renowned surfaces.

Caesarstone ShowroomCaesarstone Manchester Studio

Our designers have struck upon the perfect pairing; immense substance with remarkable performance capabilities, partnered with exquisitely beautiful designs. The resulting worktops are so superior that we confidently offer a 25-year warranty. Our diverse selection of colours and finish combinations will allow you to create your ultimate dream kitchen.


Experience Caesarstone surfaces to the fullest by booking an appointment to visit one of our studios.
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Images Source: Caesarstone