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Choosing a surface for your kitchen is a long term investment. Colour choice and surface texture is important, as is the desire for a hard-wearing, durable material that will withstand the intensive use and inevitable spills of daily life. Requesting a sample can help you narrow down your choice. But ultimately, there is no comparison to seeing, feeling and experiencing our surfaces by visiting a Caesarstone UK studio.

Be immersed in large, ceiling-height slabs of Caesarstone surfaces for the ultimate sensory test. Take in the delicate patinas, intricate veining and fine details, which make Caesarstone quartz colours renowned in the industry. Engage with our displays of the Supernatural Collection consisting of marble and granite inspired designs, the Metropolitan collection, which is our award-winning industrial inspired design range, along with the timeless neutrals and uniform designs of our Classico collection. The relaxed ambience of our studios, offers a warm and inviting space for you to explore our designs at your leisure.

Seeing a material at scale will give you a better idea of how the full slab design translates in a physical environment. Our adaptable light displays also offer a better understanding of the effect of light on your chosen surface. The sense of touch is equally important as the visuals when it comes to a worktop, so our interactive display allows you to run your hands over and feel the texture created by the different finishes to our products. The tactility of each surface is particularly relevant for concretes, rough or natural finish products. Our innovative quartz technology authentically resonates the natural materials from which they are inspired. The coarseness of these more earthy and rugged textures is equally as satisfying as the sleek polished finish synonymous with our marbles and sleek modern designs.

Caesarstone Showroom Studio ManagerCaesarstone Manchester Studio

Your design consultation will be tailored completely to you. Whether you already know your schematic preferences and project plans, or you want to come along to be inspired, our expert Studio Manager will be on hand to help. We have an assortment of pre-arranged moodboards to inspire - but also a 'working' space where you’ll be able to swap materials in and out as your project ideas develop.  This gives you the perfect chance to produce your own moodboards using material selections, including paint cards, Caesarstone samples and material samples. Whilst we're the experts in surfaces, we also want to assist in making sure you're happy with your favourite Caesarstone worktops as part of the overall scheme.

It can be especially helpful to bring your own samples to help narrow down your selection for perfect coordination - don’t hesitate to capitalise on the interactive experience we offer. Whether you want to come equipped with your chosen drawer or door fronts, handles or flooring samples, it can affirm the cohesiveness of the worktop within your overall scheme.

Whatever you’re hoping to take away from the visit, you can be sure to head home with a wealth of knowledge from our expert Studio Manager who will tailor the appointment to aid your developing plans. And beyond all else, know that you’ll feel enlightened from your immersive exploration of Caesarstone worktops.

Experience Caesarstone surfaces to the fullest by booking an appointment to visit one of our studios.
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Images Source: Caesarstone