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Marble evokes a timeless glamour, a true sense of luxury and serenity that can be utilised in almost any style of space, from the decadence of Art Deco to the raw beauty of a modernist scheme. 

5143 White Attica is a strikingly elegant design which features delicate veining atop a pearlescent white base. The dramatic blue-grey veins provide a striking contrast to the clean white beneath, emphasising the innate beauty of the design. Available in both polished and honed finish, the surface will illuminate and elevate your design. 

The Inspiration

Effortlessly luxurious and opulent, 5143 White Attica is characterised by deep, dramatic blue-grey veins layered to juxtapose a clean, flawless white base and finished with subtle hints of grey. The intricate detail within this sensational surface make it ideal for making a style statement in any interior space. 

5143 White Attica

5143 White Attica

Inspired by the world’s most beautiful natural stones, the Supernatural collection has been designed using cutting edge technology. The delicate veins and tones have been created to reflect the natural patternation in marble, granite and limestone, whilst offering the natural resilience and durability associated with Caesarstone. The pinnacle of Caesarstone’s design capabilities, the collection delivers effortless luxury for the home in products that exhibit rare subtlety and elegance.

Perfect Pairings

5143 White Attica-1

5143 White Attica

Pick out the pigmentation from the blues and grey veining with coloured painted cabinetry in your favourite complementary Farrow and Ball shade. Alternatively, using equally earthy materials such as oak will ground the scheme and allow the worktop to shine. 

Embracing further pops of pattern, experimenting with geometric patterns or bold floral prints in monochrome colours will amalgamate to form a fun and playful scheme.

Incomparable quality

5143 White Attica [973x973]

5143 White Attica

5143 White Attica offers improved durability and lower maintenance compared to its marble counterparts, meaning it’s the perfect blend of style and substance. The non-porous surface is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms, and benefits from being stain, scratch, crack and chip resistant. 5143 White Attica offers the luxurious look and feel of marble without any of its drawbacks. For long-lasting peace of mind, we offer a 25-year warranty on products used in residential applications.


Request a sample of White Attica to be delivered direct to your door, enabling you to see it’s sublime beauty close to…

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Images Source: Caesarstone