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The run-up from summer to winter is a joyous time, we all want to make the most of the occasions throughout the year to spend quality time with family and friends. Summer BBQs, birthdays and Christmases are what bring us together with our loved ones, and food is the centrepiece of such occasions. Explore some of our favourite luxury kitchen worktops which will make the ideal centrepiece for your next gathering.

Outdoor Surfaces

515_Palm_Shade_Rooftop_Render_new (1) (1)

515 Palm Shade

With summer sunshine making for a perfect excuse to catch up with friends, outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity as we indulge more in al fresco dining. Like with the main kitchen, incorporating cooking and dining in the same space allows for an overall more social occasion where the host can enjoy the company of the guests much more. However, extending the kitchen outside doesn’t have to be just for the warmer months. With the right external set-up, you and your guests can enjoy a cosy evening under the stars.

Connect your outdoor and indoor space by elongating the flooring and worktops. Match the patio tiles to your kitchen floor and continue the flow of your interior outside with a hard-wearing work surface. Outdoor surfaces are designed with style and practicality in mind, with long-standing worktop materials used, such as quartz and porcelain. Caesarstone’s outdoor surfaces are non-porous, durable, scratch, stain, mould and mildew resistant and easy-to-clean, with a ten-year warranty. The Outdoor Collection surfaces have been meticulously tested to withstand high UV, variable temperatures and extreme weathers all year round.

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Encapsulating luxury with timeless trends

4023 Topus Concrete

4023 Topus Concrete

For a contemporary and fresh take on the perfect setting for your entertainment, concrete offers a sleek and sophisticated style, drawing out complete professionalism whilst still expressing warmth and earthy tones. Make the worktop the highlight of the room or have it as a subtle accent to complete the overall scene.

Worktop surfaces from Caesarstone's Metropolitan Collection offers the look and feel of concrete, but with the versatility and enhanced functionality of a harder-wearing surface. Coming in a range of shades and finishes, you’re able to find the perfect worktop to suit your eloquent kitchen design. Especially when entertaining guests, a stylish yet durable worktop to withstand dinner parties and drinks is a necessity. Caesarstone worktops are an incredibly practical alternative to concrete that doesn’t compromise on luxury.

5151 Empira White

5151 Empira White

Alternatively, marble is a luxurious and opulent option that will give your kitchen design an element of gravitas. Looking just as at home in a pared back, minimalist scheme to a period-character filled kitchen, marble oozes elegance and class. Being such a timeless piece, marble worktops will withstand the trends of time but not necessarily the test of time. However, have you considered a Caesarstone worktop? Like with concrete, opting for a premium Caesarstone surface offers a unique design with the luminous and refined appeal, but without the drawbacks and high levels of maintenance of natural stone. Combining style statement with the most practical materials, you’ll be able to host full days of entertainment time and again without being weighed down with maintenance.

5101_Empira_Black_Full_Slab_GLOSS (1)

5101 Empira Black

Looking for more of a statement piece? Sultry black and deep grey surfaces offer a vibrant look, adding warmth and depth to your kitchen. The desire for dark interiors, with the allure of shadowy palettes, is increasingly captivating the imagination of architects and designers, and is the perfect base for the foundations of your dinner party setting.

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Creating the perfect kitchen for entertaining

Images source: Caesarstone