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By embracing simple storage solutions and utilising clever interior optical illusions, you can increase the sense of expanse whilst simultaneously improving the functionality of your kitchen. Here are our top 6 space saving ideas to maximise the potential of the hub of your home.


1. Clever Kitchen Storage

It goes without saying that in a compact space, utilising clever storage solutions is key. But whatever the size of your kitchen, you want to make the most of storage possibilities. Floating shelves allow you to keep everyday items in easy reach for greater usability and drawer dividers, internal shelving and containers help to group items and maximise capacity within draws and cupboards. A larder is ideal for housing the majority of your dry food stocks and can provide additional space for crockery, glassware and Tupperware. 

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2. Integrate appliances

There is no getting around the fact that appliances are bulky and can often detract from the pleasing aesthetic of the room. Integrating appliances into cabinets achieves a sleek and flawless design, whilst also avoiding these large items simply getting in the way. Another option, where possible, is to keep laundry appliances in a separate utility area. This has the added benefit of reducing noise levels in a room which you’ll likely be spending the majority of time in your home. 


3. Awkward Spaces

Utilise any nooks and crannies to create a quirky design feature. Hooks, baskets and boxes can be added to assist with the organisational efforts, keeping those messy ‘bits and bobs’ neatly out of sight, whilst fashioning an additional artistic feature.

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4. Declutter

Unleash your inner Marie Kondo and clear out any unused utensils and crockery that you’ve been ‘saving for a special occasion’ or cookbooks that you know you won’t use again. There is truth in the phrase ‘tidy home equals a tidy mind’ - a clutter-free space is known to improve mental wellbeing so seize the possibility of kitchen tranquillity. Take your unwanted items to a charity shop or pass onto a friend for a new lease of life. Now is the perfect time for a spring clean to show off your tidy surfaces.


5. Optical Illusions

A luminescent quartz or porcelain worktop will reflect light well around the room to optimise the feeling of spaciousness. Metallic elements such as handles and light fittings will add to the deflection of light in the room. Embracing a light colour scheme will keep the scheme bright and airy, but don’t be afraid to add vibrant splashes of colour for a touch of personality.


6. Extension

If you and your expanding family have simply outgrown your kitchen, then it’s time to consider an extension. Not only will it grant you far more space, but is also likely to increase the value of your home. In addition, it will afford you the possibility of reorganising your space to reach its greatest potential and fully meet your needs. 




Images Source: Caesarstone