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Grey worktops have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. 

They currently sit second place within the top three colour choices for kitchen worktops (white 27%, grey 17% and black 15%). You may immediately jump to the conclusion that this is due to the rise in popularity of industrial style or sleek modern kitchens, but the versatility of this colour choice makes grey the perfect option for a broad array of interior design styles.


5133 Symphony Grey5133 Symphony Grey


There is no denying that this is the look of the moment and there is no better colour suited to this scheme than grey. The colour authentically evokes thoughts of the steel and iron beams and core structural elements that would have been traditionally used in mills and other prominent buildings of the industrial revolution. A rugged concrete surface works well, with the natural variation of such a course finish interplaying perfectly with the exposed brick walls and wooden flooring and cabinetry typically used in such a design.


5003 Piatra Grey 35003 Piatra Grey


If a sleek contemporary finish is more your style, then a premium polished grey surface offers an alternative to vary and add interest to a minimalist design - making a modern kitchen, even more current and on-trend. A flawless finish such as Caesarstone 5000 London Grey is an ideal choice in such a kitchen. 


5211 Noble Grey5211 Noble Grey

Country or farmhouse kitchen

Grey adds a depth of colour and an extra layer of interest within a rustic kitchen, combining beautifully with the muted tones and natural wood finishes commonly found within country kitchens. Grey can feel a little more modern than the likes of oak or marble, whilst different materials like quartz can provide improved practicality due to its innate hard-wearing nature. With the advancements in the technology involved with the production of engineered quartz, pigmentation can vary from traditional marble and concrete, creating an entirely new aesthetic. 


5131 Calacatta Nuvo

Period feature

Whether it be the opulence and grandeur of Art Deco glamour, the stately elegance found within a Georgian home, or the retro feel of mid-century design, then grey stone is the obvious choice. This mid-spectrum colour avoids the starkness of white and is more subtle than a bold black surface, providing a considered and more authentic finish to a period property renovation. Grey adds the appropriate depth of colour necessary, whilst such a broad range of veining and styles of grey worktops available allow for the perfect design to be chosen to achieve the overall desired effect. 



4033 Rugged Concrete4033 Rugged Concrete

Scandinavian design

The beauty of this scheme is its simplicity; a neutral colour palette that embraces the use of raw, stripped back materials. Grey, therefore, is the perfect way to add subtle interest to the scheme, with surfaces naturally at home in such a design. Concrete is the obvious choice, beautifully juxtaposing the warmth of wooden cabinets and accessorising furniture, but pearlescent and translucent finishes are equally pleasing to the eye within a Scandinavian inspired space. 


Looking for advice on how best to preserve your quartz worktop, along with which cleaning products to use and avoid? Download ‘A guide to caring for quartz’.

A guide to caring for quartz

Images Source: Caesarstone