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An industrial-style kitchen is undoubtedly an enduring trend and for good reason. This back-to-basics interior is the epitome of effortlessly luxury – though there is definitely some effort required to truly capture this most sought-after aesthetic. Combining functionality with simplistic beauty, it’s a scheme that can be easily achieved. 

1. Choosing the right worktop

411 Concrita

411 Concrita Porcelain Worktop Moodboard

The foundations of a successful industrial scheme lie in the raw materials used to build the anatomy of the kitchen. Using a combination of typical elements such as stone, wood and metal can bring that industrial feel to your kitchen, and as part of this combination, careful consideration should be given to your chosen kitchen worktop. Paring simple timber cabinets and topping them with slate-coloured worktops such as 220 Magnate can create a wonderful industrial-style kitchen. Alternatively, consider a concrete-style kitchen worktop made from minerals such as 4001 Fresh Concrete or porcelain such as 411 Concrita for a highly durable and low-maintenance option when compared to poured concrete.

As well as choosing the colour and worktop material of your new worktop, also consider your kitchen worktop finish. For example, at Caesarstone, we offer a range of different worktop finishes which can add a tactile layer to your industrial kitchen design such as:

4601 Frozen Terra 2

4601 Frozen Terra Quartz Worktop

Our Concrete finish, such as with 4601 Frozen Terra, is inspired by the granular tactility of smooth concrete with a low reflection of light and its faint grainy touch that emulates organic material.

4023 Topus Concrete

4023 Topus Concrete Quartz Worktop

In contrast, our Rough Concrete finish, such as with 4023 Topus Concrete, creates a compelling tactile experience with a distinctive effect of coarse industrial materials and deep, heightened colour – yet smooth enough for easy cleaning.

410 Aluminous

410 Aluminous Porcelain Worktop

Ultra Rough finish, as with 410 Aluminous, brings an added dimension inspired by crude rocks, industrial metals and concrete. Its distinctive touch ensures the highest durability for ease of use.


2. Carefully consider your kitchen accessories 

Once you have chosen the worktop and cabinetry for your industrial kitchen, consider how you can elevate the design further with some well-chosen accessories. But remember, balance is key; keep it functional and avoid cluttering the clean lines.

Metals and materials

Introduce metalwork in the finer details, with steel or metallic accessories. For example, consider copper taps and handles or a stainless steel pot rack to add an authentic industrial touch. Woven wire baskets for storage also offer a utilitarian vibe whilst a chunky wooden chopping board can provide warmth.


220 Magnate Porcelain Worktop

220 Magnate Porcelain Worktop

Incorporating open shelving in your design can also bring a touch of industrial flair to your kitchen. Shelving will allow you to proudly display vintage canisters, antique glass jars or small galvanised steel containers. Plus, as well as looking beautiful, open shelving adds a practical side to your kitchen, allowing you to see exactly what you have to cook with. Consider using the same kitchen worktop material for your shelving to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the space.

In addition to shelving, consider a pegboard for additional storage. Use a pegboard with hanging hooks to showcase copper mugs or cast iron cookware, keeping them within easy reach as well as giving you the industrial look.


4023 Topus Concrete

4023 Topus Concrete Quartz Worktop

Choosing the correct lighting is incredibly important when trying to encapsulate a particular design style. Pendant lamps with metal shades and exposed lightbulbs can be a perfect choice. Consider using cluster pendants over your kitchen island for added style. Wall-mounted lights with exposed filament bulbs can also add a touch of vintage charm, and track lighting can be a versatile choice and provide great illumination throughout your kitchen.

Remember to ensure your lighting brings warmth to your kitchen by choosing a warm white light bulb. Also, consider adding dimmer switches to allow you to turn down the lights for an enhanced ambience.

Seating and finishing touches

If you have a breakfast bar or kitchen island, bar stools with industrial-inspired frames, like hairpin legs or distressed wood, complement the industrial look. A jute rug can help ground the space, and a bouquet of greenery in a galvanised steel vase softens the edges.


3. Embrace original features

A sustainable kitchen designed by The Main Company, featuring 4011 Cloudburst Concrete worktops.

A sustainable kitchen designed by The Main Company, featuring 4011 Cloudburst Concrete worktops.

If you are lucky enough to live in a period property, make the most of surviving original features such as beams, fireplaces and windows and incorporate these features in your kitchen design. However, if you don’t benefit from such pre-existing fittings in your home, then it is possible to source or replicate them for use in your design. Reclamation yards are ideal for seeking out fireplace surrounds, timber beams and reclaimed windows and doors. Where possible, you can even add further interest with statement antique furniture to compliment your more industrial-style kitchen. 

Goodluck Hope ProjectCase Study: Goodluck Hope Project

Alternatively, you may have moved into a ‘warehouse’ style space, like this Goodluck Hope Project, which already has many industrial-style features you want to take advantage of. A great way to create a comfortable home environment in a converted industrial building is to look at cleaning and restoring any exposed brickwork feature walls to create a warm and rustic look for your kitchen. Also, consider uncovering any covered utility or service ducts, or steel works, and polishing up any existing concrete floors to make them sing.

If you enjoy your DIY or simply want to try something new, consider recreating your own 18th-century tiles with a tile press and use copper pipes and wire racks to create your own custom-made shelving. If you decide to buy new, don’t be afraid to embrace a darker colour palette when replicating warehouse-style elements to tie in cohesively with the other authentic pieces you may use.


4. Soften the edges

An industrial scheme can sometimes feel a little clinical and cold. However, there are many ways to soften the edges of your kitchen to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Introducing natural textures

One approach is to introduce natural textures that soften the industrial edge. Balance the coolness of metal with the warmth of wood. For example, opt for reclaimed wood shelves or wooden bar stools with woven seats. These elements not only add a touch of nature but also create a sense of comfort and lived-in charm. Textiles can also play a role in softening the space. Consider rugs in muted tones or woven baskets displayed under open shelving. Upholstered bar stools or seat cushions also add another layer of cosiness.

Warmer colour pallet

412 Beige Ciment Moodboard

412 Beige Ciment Porcelain Worktop Moodboard

Although there are classical industrial colours such as greys and blacks, moving beyond them can add depth and warmth to your design. Introduce warmer earthy tones like terracotta, olive green or even a blush pink on an accent wall to add personality while maintaining a stylish edge. For your worktop, consider colours like 4023 Topus Concrete and 412 Beige Ciment which have that earthy organic feel whilst keeping that subtle design and detailing of concrete and construction materials. Don't shy away from pops of colour; playful touches like colourful canisters, artwork with warm hues or a statement pendant lamp in a vibrant shade can bring life and personality to your industrial haven.

Welcome light and openness

Embrace light and openness to create a more inviting atmosphere. For example, diffuse harsh sunlight with sheer white curtains. This allows natural light to filter in while maintaining some privacy. Strategically placed mirrors can also work wonders. They reflect light, making the space feel larger and airier, adding a touch of visual interest.

Another way to introduce more light is with a ‘gentle’ industrial-coloured kitchen worktop. 4011 Cloudburst Concrete, 4001 Fresh Concrete, and 413 White Ciment all adopt a bright interpretation of concrete that soften harsher industrial palettes. They are the perfect way to make your kitchen feel open and welcoming.


Ready to create your own dream industrial-style kitchen?

Whether you choose a fully industrial kitchen or a more toned-down down industrial style, remember to think about your kitchen's size and layout and your lifestyle preferences during the design phase. Embrace all the elements of an industrial kitchen when designing, including the use of materials like quartz and porcelain for worktops, or newer materials such as mineral worktops, to create a culinary haven that suits your needs and reflects your personal style.

To help you decide on the perfect worktop for your space, request a sample from Caesarstone to visualise it in your home.Request a Sample