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The Caesarstone Whitelight Collection is a celebration of bright, organic reminders of the outside world. It represents the most current compositions of natural stone and enduring serenity, encouraging our desire to reconnect with nature.

5141 Frosty Carrina

5141 Frost Carrina

The Inspiration

The story of this collection started over a decade ago when Caesarstone moved quartz surfaces away from simple, monochromic, flat designs, and towards elegance and sophistication. Their mission became clear, the Whitelight Collection must encapsulate the beauty of nature.

Speaking on the influences that contributed towards the design of the Whitelight Collection, Caesarstone’s Head of Design, Mor Krisher describes how fortunate he was to be surrounded by so much inspiration. He asked himself, how can the patterns, textures and movements we see in the world around us be transformed into something unique and individual? Taking his creativity from the nearby desert landscapes and sheer mountain faces, he inserted breathtaking earthy tones into the veins of this collection. 

Mor Krisher

Caesarstone's Head of Design, Mor Krisher

Perfect Pairings

As a species, our deep love of stone gives us a strong sense of wellbeing and tranquility, making it the perfect material for the heart of your home. Caesarstone have specifically designed this awe-inspiring collection to be paired with heavenly undertones, breathing new life into your entire space.

5151 Empira White's delicate inky veins go perfectly with a blend of dark greys and glistening golds, whilst 5171 Arabetto's bolder look lends itself to more natural blues or earthy reds. Using Caesarstone's Online Visualiser tool can help you find what works best for the space whilst still complementing your personal style. 

5112 Aterra Blanca5112 Aterra Blanca


Incomparable Quality

Caesarstone surfaces are designed and built to last, having gone through careful inspection throughout the manufacturing processes to meet our exacting standards. Heat, stain and scratch-resistant, Caesarstone quartz is easily maintainable. But to give you further peace of mind, a 25-year warranty is placed on all domestic installations and is backed by professional customer service and support.

Caesarstone's Whitelight Collection includes...

4141 Misty Carrera

5031 Statuario Maximus

5112 Aterra Blanca

5114 Calacatta Maximus

5141 Frosty Carrina

5143 White Attica

5151 Empira White

5171 Arabetto

Feel the tactile nature and supreme quality of a Caesarstone surface for yourself by requesting a sample.

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