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Caesarstone’s Head of Design, Mor Krisher, describes the creative journey behind the formation of the Whitelight series.

The new additions to the Caesarstone Whitelight Collection, are a culmination of a long and winding path of lived experiences, directed imagination and human craftmanship.

The Whitelight CollectionDesigning the Whitelight Collection

As a design team, we benefit from spectacular surroundings, from stunning desert landscapes to sheer mountain faces and archaeological reminders of classical antiquity, all within a short drive of our design facilities. We are surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, and in a year of constraints on travel and movement, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to have such inspirations so close to hand.

We endeavour to absorb ourselves in this external environment wherever possible, as the complexities of our geography provide visual cues and drive us to explore new ways in which we can design surfaces for the home that embody these influences. As we all seek a greater connection with the outside, we see the Whitelight Collection as a beacon of hope, a visual reminder of the world around us and a focal point for the very heart of our homes.


The Whitelight CollectionDesigning the Whitelight Collection

Whilst Caesarstone is regarded as the architect of engineered quartz surfaces, perhaps our greater ambition is to be renowned for our pioneering spirit.

The story of the Whitelight Collection is one that begins over a decade ago; when Caesarstone elevated quartz surfaces away from simple, flat monochromic, almost artificial colours, into more organic designs that truly capture the essence of nature.

Central to our design philosophy is our interpretive approach of the natural world. How can the patterns, textures and movements we see in the world around us be transformed into something unique and individual? Much like no quarried slab is alike, each of the marble motifs within the Whitelight series are inimitable with their own influences and creative journeys.

4141_Web 1000 x1000Designing the Whitelight Collection

Each of these surfaces is made up of our continued search for inspiration in the external environment and the delicate craftmanship of human intervention. We take a hands-on, artisan approach to design that embraces creative experimentation and artistic exploration as we realise each surface, perfecting the exact combination of inspiration and imagination that is a hallmark of the Caesarstone brand.

Whitelight collection brochure

Inspired by natural marbles, 4141 Misty Carrera was the first of our designs to embody this connection to the outside environment. Subtle and refined in its organic appeal, it served as a forebearer to the revolutionary Supernatural Collection.

The Whitelight Collection Designing the Whitelight Collection

The Supernatural Collection stems from a broad set of influences. Whether it is the study of nature, such as the form of a branch or root structures in trees and plants, or an examination of the subtle variations in colour tonality that serve to draw the gazes, there is a story and design journey behind each of the surfaces.

We explore qualities from different natural stones, as well as wider materials that we are drawn to; looking for inspirations beyond the obvious, combining these often contrasting elements and working on the nuances of the design for many months until we are content with the design. The result is a beautifully organic appearance that has no direct parallel.

4163_Web 1000 x1000Designing the Whitelight Collection

This rich understanding of the subtleties of design is apparent in 5031 Statuario Maximus, an elegant twist on classic marble, offering the luxury and elegance one expects from a natural stone, yet with its own signature look that is unique to Caesarstone.

Followed by 5143 White Attica, a bold design that explores the movement of natural mineral strata as it swirls across raw marbles, and 5151 Empira White, an elegant and appealing portrait of stones found in ancient constructions and decor; we had created the pillars that were to act as the foundations for our newest designs in the Whitelight Collection.

4136_Web 1000 x1000Designing the Whitelight Collection

5171 Arabetto, 5112 Aterra Blanca and 5114 Calacatta Maximus each embody this drive for design and our ethos for connecting the comfort and safety of home with the bold visuals and awe-inspiring beauty of our natural surroundings.

Individually, they are unique; collectively they offer an imaginative suite for interpreting the timeless desire for the white marbles, offering distinct design possibilities that provide both a calming refuge from the challenges of modernity and a deeper, more primal link with ancient geology that remind us of the power of the earth.


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