Why you should consider marble quartz worktops

Marble quartz is an engineered stone that’s similar in look and feel to marble. The only difference between the two is what they’re made of and their durability. Quartz is much more durable, is non-porous, and won’t absorb stains or harmful germs and grime left behind. Marble quartz has been designed to offer you the aesthetic of a marble worktop, combined with the quality and durability of quartz. Here’s why you should consider marble quartz worktops in your kitchen…

It's low maintenance...

Quartz requires much less maintenance than marble worktops while still looking stunning and sleek. Aside from cleaning with a gentle household detergent, your quartz worktops won’t require as much scrubbing at stains as a natural stone worktop might. 

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It's stain resistant...

Marble quartz worktops are non-porous, meaning they are completely resilient to stains. When you opt for a natural stone material, like marble or granite, you’ll need to make sure they’re resealed once a year to prevent stains and discolouration. Marble quartz’s non-porous material also means that germs and bacteria won’t sink into its surface, so this will prevent any bacterial growth and ensure healthy food preparation and storage.


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A range of perfect shades...

Marble quartz comes in a diverse range of sophisticated shades, giving you a wide variety of designs that all capture the luxurious look and feel of marble. Whether you’re looking for a neutral base or statement design, quartz is available in dozens of different textures and finishes so you’ll be sure to find a match for your home. Marble quartz can be made in a range of thicknesses, so you don’t have to use it just for worktops: it can be used as wall cladding and flooring too. 


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It's impact and scratch resistant...

Quartz is scratch and heat resistant, so it’s sleekness and polished finish will be lifelong, making it an extremely practical addition to your kitchen. Made up of 93% natural quartz and the remainder a combination of pigments and polymer resin, marble quartz is a hard-wearing surface that’s less prone to chipping than marble.


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