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The kitchen is a space often described as the heart of the home. From its origins as a purely functional space required solely for the production of food, the room has evolved to be the core of family life and the true hub of our day-to-day activities.

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5112 Aterra Blanca

It is now a sociable centre, acting as a kitchen, come living room, come dining area. It doubles as a place for family gatherings and quality time with friends. It is used increasingly as a place for entertaining younger members of the family along with providing a valuable desk space for the ‘working from home’ grown-ups. 

The key question is, how can we take this pivotal space and make sure it maximises its potential in being a space for all?



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The first consideration is to open up the kitchen and make it all encompassing. One option involves embracing a fully open-plan scheme to combine kitchen with the primary reception spaces, offering a sociable expanse with full flow. Alternatively, it's possible to opt for a more intimate ‘broken-plan’ design with cleverly zoned areas that are connected, yet made to feel special in their own way. 

Either way, an island or peninsula will offer a central hub to utilise as a point of social congregation, whilst also serving as an incredibly functional surface area. Make a showcase of your island centrepiece by adding a style statement in the form of a flowing waterfall end. 

Ultimate guide to designing the perfect white kitchen

Bright and Welcoming

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5031 Statuario Maximus

Choosing a light and airy colour scheme will make any space feel bigger and more inviting. All-white kitchens are ideal for small spaces, creating an illusion of expansion. Ever fresh with a lasting sense of both warmth and cleanliness, white kitchens provide a reliable foundation for the heart of the home. 

Clear the Clutter

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Ensuring you have sufficient storage space will help to avoid cluttered surfaces and make the room much more functional and welcoming. In addition to adequate space, you’ll want to think about maximising the potential of your cupboards with built-in dividers and cubby-holes. Integrated appliances help to keep those bulky white-goods out of sight and give your kitchen an overall more seamless appearance. 

Take Advantage of Tech

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5112 Aterra Blanca

With ever evolving technology, we’re now able to steer clear of appliances that were once noisy and clunky, instead opting for low decibel versions that are much more efficient and practical. These will cause much less interference to the enjoyment of your kitchen, enabling you to relish in relaxing family time within the space, as well as a homely zone ideal for hosting without interrupted conversation. 


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Ultimate guide to designing the perfect white kitchen
 Image Source: Caesarstone