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A kitchen island will be the focal point of your room, whether an imposing feature or an elegant centrepiece to bring together your overall scheme. One of the most sought after features of a modern-day kitchen, choose an island that combines trending designs and functionality to make your kitchen feel contemporary and comfortable. You’d be surprised at just how many ways you can incorporate an island into your kitchen – we’ve picked out some key concepts below…


Waterfall ends

Round off the edge of your island design with a sleek and seamless waterfall end – which simply means the continuation of your worktops at a 90-degree angle to the floor. This gives a clean, uniform look and can transform your island into a real showstopping centrepiece, highlighting the beautiful intricacies and design of your worktop.


5143 White Attica


Island Material

The worktop choice for your island should be chosen carefully, as this will be the statement feature of your entire kitchen. Marble is a timeless classic which will never be absent from kitchen fashion trends. Elegant and versatile, it can be used in a variety of schemes from traditional, period charm, to a rustic country kitchen or Art Deco design. Achieve this look with a Caesarstone 5143 White Attica surface. For a trending designer kitchen, black is back, with dark countertops are making a resurgence. With the rise in popularity of industrial styling and decadent, moody, Gothic interior design schemes, concrete and black marble worktops are in high demand. Caesarstone 4033 Rugged Concrete and 5100 Vanilla Noir are perfect options for these statement schemes.

Bold ‘pops’ of colour can be injected by added by contrasting highlights into your cabinetry and appliances, or for a more subtle statement add in colour blocks with playful furniture and accessories. This gives a cool retro vibe to your interior which can be easily updated over time. You can even embrace the look further by choosing your favourite bold Little Greene, Paint and Paper Library or Farrow and Ball paint to refresh your cabinets. 

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Clever use of stylised lighting can bring drama and impact to a space. Positioned above an island, pendant lights will help zone and draw attention to this focal point of your kitchen. It goes without saying that the extra illumination will be a huge additional benefit when cooking aside from the impressive visuals. 

6313 Turbine Grey6313 Turbine Grey


Split level designs

Add increased dimension into your design with a split level island, which increases texture and added interest by layering visual focal points. This also accounts for increased functionality, in the same way as a double island, by dividing surface space between the preparation area and surface for using as a breakfast bar. 


Combine functionality

Your island can do so much if you consider all of its potential uses at the design stage. Incorporate your appliances to maximise both space and practicality; a sink, hob or dishwasher can all help make your kitchen feel more sociable and open when doing those everyday tasks. Above all, your island should be an extension of your kitchen to improve the use of the space, as well as visually being pleasing to the eye. Consider open cabinets for easy-to-reach kitchen equipment and opt for a mix of drawers as well as cupboards. Hidden or sunken plug sockets can make a huge difference when it comes to using your island for food prep.    

Looking for advice on how best to preserve your quartz worktop, along with which cleaning products to use and avoid? Download ‘A guide to caring for quartz’.

A guide to caring for quartz

Images Source: Caesarstone

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