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Caesarstone understands just how important it is to have a kitchen worktop that meets your desired style but is also strong enough to stand the test of time. Despite there being many materials available on the market today, it can be difficult to find one that suits all your needs. Luckily, Caesarstone are experts in getting the best out of nature, technology and materials, merging them into one holistic, well-designed, and reliable countertop. 

Our quartz and porcelain surfaces are made with excellent design capabilities and high-quality materials that have been rigorously tested and certified. And could just be the answer to your kitchen worktop woes. We empower our consumers with design freedom and give you the opportunity to create the most stunning kitchen that suits your personal taste without having to compromise.

A solid foundation for your kitchen 

If you’re looking for a durable and hardy surface for the heart of your home, look no further than Caesarstone. Our worktops are truly a step above the rest as they can offer you the look and feel of your favourite styles without all the flaws and even some added advantages. Porcelain and quartz are incredibly durable and resilient, and we also offer a range of surfaces that can be placed outside thanks to their ability to handle the harsh elements and UV rays. 

So if you find yourself searching for that perfect concrete surface for a metropolitan-style kitchen or a stunning marble slab that would make for a breathtaking focal point in your traditional kitchen design, you might find that these superior materials will be much more suited. Porcelain and quartz are more durable than concrete and marble and they're also available in a wide variety of colours and styles for your to choose from. For example, you could opt for a dark concrete-effect quartz surface, such as 4033 Rugged Concrete or a light marble-effect porcelain surface like 502 Sleet.

Our surfaces have been chosen by hundreds of thousands of homeowners over the last 35 years, and that’s because we are a tried and trusted sector leader that holds all of our products to the highest standards. As set out in Caesarstone's ESG Report, as part of our ongoing efforts to demonstrate our commitment to our values, we meticulously test our products to ensure they receive the necessary certifications and meet our exceptional levels of quality. Together with our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that if you choose Caesarstone, you know you’re picking a safe, strong and rigorously tested worktop that is built to last.

Your peace of mind

The kitchen is the most special of places where everything happens and where everyone wants to be, so it’s important to secure a worktop that will stand the test of time. We go beyond excellence, to give you the certainty that your surface stays safe, durable, and timelessly beautiful. 

As none of our superb surfaces are porous or prone to chipping or cracking, you won't have to worry about them becoming damaged or unhygienic. All you need is soap and warm water to clean your slab, freeing you up to spend more time cooking and not worrying about any of those inevitable spills. Life flows by, the family grows and changes, but one thing is for sure, your Caesarstone worktop will remain timeless.

4600_Organic-White_kerstingarchitecture005281-_1_1920X10804600 Organic White

Bringing beauty into your home

Caesarstone is the pioneer of quartz and porcelain worktops, bringing the magic of the earth’s raw minerals into your home, and making your new surface the bedrock of your kitchen. This lets everything else unfold around your worktop, transforming the space into a world of interaction and creativity. We put a special essence into every worktop we lovingly craft, it’s where our advanced know-how in stone engineering meets our immense passion for design.

We have collection after collection that have been meticulously designed and influenced by earthly elements - their strength and their beauty - and channelled this into our surfaces ready to grace your home and bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor space. So, if you truly want a stunningly beautiful surface that’s inspired by nature, why not pick the award-winning sector leader that’s also the choice of influencers, designers and architects alike.

Story of Design

Caesarstone surfaces at a glance... 


4600 Organic White, popular due to its stunningly clean white base, is layered with lighter colours and subtly blended undertones, that reflect a natural and effortlessly chic appearance. 5131 Calacatta Nuvo, another light surface, is a symphony of opulence, with soft cascading grey streaks that mystify its creamy-white base. 4130 Clamshell offers a beautiful fusion of light grey with white features, underscored by drifting veins on a lovely neutral base, perfect for any kitchen design. A densely rich, creamy canvas, 6046 Moorland Fog is flushed with touches of taupe and swirly veins in fogy browns and greys. And for those who love a darker kitchen… 5100 Vanilla Noir is a rich and luxurious ebony surface, that’s been washed with cream and expanding vanilla veins, that exude personality and boldness.


A pure white backdrop that boasts the prestigious look of marble, 501 Snowdrift is traversed by delicate veining in a stunning golden brown that floats over its misty base. 220 Magnate on the other hand is a calm and fresh interpretation of slate, stippled with small clay-coloured grains, dark-grey flecks and light slivers that recreate the fine granularity of stone. 513 Striata is a striking surface with a smoky grey base that’s been weathered like a rock. Its fossil-like, geological landscape comes to life with these fine dark veins, patina stains, rusted silt, chalky-white streaks, and burnt orange markings. 511 Smokestone is an opulent midnight-black worktop with lightning strikes of chalky white veins, layered with the earthy impurities of crystallin textures.


220 Magnate

For more than three decades Caesarstone has been privileged to be at the heart of millions of households worldwide, enabling us to develop vast global expertise in a variety of cultures and countries. Backed not only by our 35 years of experience but also by our proprietary cutting-edge technology and unique craftsmanship, we stand at the helm of this industry, creating incredibly durable countertops that are designed to be safe, durable, and timelessly beautiful. 

At Caesarstone, we understand that sometimes a computer screen is not enough, and sometimes you just need to see it to believe it. A free sample of your favourite colours can be a great way to try different styles and designs from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve read this far and you’re still not convinced, request a sample today and see the quality, stunning design and durability for yourself.

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