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After recent years we understand how important it is to embrace the here and now and live in the present, as well as appreciate the wonders of the outdoors. With this in mind, the exhilarating outdoors is exactly what inspired Caesarstone’s new Pebbles Collection. The perfect addition to Caesarstone’s beautiful range, built to curate a beautiful, natural-looking space in the comfort of your home.

A pebble is the symbol of constant creation, each one formed by the forces of water and wind, constantly changing as time and distance pass. Our new collection captures the significant details of the small stones and enhances the essence on a larger scale. Each worktop is a beautiful reflection of the earth's natural elements, each style unique to its influence.

When designing new products, we always take inspiration from the outside world, whether that be motion or stillness. For our most recent collection, we wanted to bring a reminder of nature into people's homes. When looking at pebbles on the riverbank, we noticed that each stone had a depth of both powerful and subtle history that can be felt when held in your hand. From forces such as wind, sun, water and land, a pebble softens, on closer inspection, there is an array of capillaries and veins which we wanted to reflect in our designs.

The Pebbles Collection

Five organic and sustainable designs have been created, each representing the endless transformation of nature, offering a true sense of calm. Caesarstone’s new worktops are shaped by the natural world, featuring a carefully considered palette of warm tones, monochromes and greys. Incorporated into the design are softer details that flow smoothly throughout the surface highlighting the textures of the pebble. With this, the beauty of nature will always be a blessing in the heart of your home.

Design Story

1001 Riverlet

A reflection of pebbles located onshore, 1001 Riverlet encompasses honied-amber capillaries flowing softly across an off-white surface. With a honed finish that reflects more light around a room, offering a serene and airy feel.

1002 Wyndigo

The humble pebble is slowly smoothened, providing a stunning distinct look. 1002 Wyndigo embodies this, featuring a greige surface with warm earthy gradients and foamy grey veins. Creating an authentic presence with a honed finish emphasising the two-toned mottled patina.

Pebble Collection

The Pebbles Collection

1003 Raindream

For dark kitchen interiors, 1003 Raindream is the perfect addition. Taking inspiration from wet river stones, this style incorporates a monochrome palette. With two tones of slate grey, accentuated by strokes of dark grey, outlined with neutral highlights.

1004 Stoneburst

1004 Stoneburst has a warming complexion consisting of sage grey with undertones of soft mineral and fine grey veining. Resembling a stone’s mottled effect, this surfaces is complemented with a honed finish. 

1006 Agger Grey

For a truly contemporary style kitchen, 1006 Agger Grey is a welcoming choice. Offering real depth with a warm smoky grey base with soft clay undertones and delicate white veins throughout.

Create your kitchen sanctuary with The Pebbles Collection

Images source: Caesarstone

The Pebbles Collection