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Less truly means more with modern kitchen design. It’s a sought-after look that is ever-changing and updating, but the one thing you shouldn’t have to constantly change in your kitchen is your worktop. And thanks to Caesarstone’s wide range of beautiful, durable surfaces you don’t have to. Together with our lifetime warranty, you’ll be making a purchase that will remain both modern and timeless, the perfect pairing.

One of our stunning contemporary surfaces was recently chosen by Piqu for their client's residential kitchen redesign. They were looking to bring a bright modern feel to their new kitchen and so Piqu chose 5151 Empira White - a timeless white surface with a base of the purest hue, delicately softened by the movement of shadows in an interplay of darkness and light. Complementing the fresh white kitchen furniture effortlessly, the subtle but classic marble detailing of this surface, truly suited the sophistication of this family kitchen. 

piqu-empira-white-04"The client wanted a marble look but something more subtle, and Empira White fitted the bill.”


Modernity set in stone

You don’t get more modern than 1141 Pure White, this simple, clean, no-fuss quartz surface is the essence of modern kitchen design. It’s a perfectly white surface that creates a super-smooth, flawless aesthetic for the shining focal point of your space. Equally, this surface could serve as a beautiful blank canvas upon which to illuminate the other elements of your kitchen design - whichever you choose, this worktop will be a solid foundation for your modern kitchen. Any neutral or light-coloured palette will work well with this surface, such as whites, beiges and greys, but don’t be afraid of darker colours either as this will only further enhance the brilliance of this worktop. This truly versatile surface is a great choice for those with diverse modern kitchens who are looking for the final piece of the puzzle. 

6600 Nougat is a beautiful quartz surface from our Classico Collection with chunky course-grained textures and neutral-coloured mineral chips. Due to the speckled nature of this worktop, it pairs well in either an indoor or outdoor kitchen and would suit almost any colour scheme.Adding elements of nature to your space can enhance this surface. Foliage or stone-based artwork, for example, can really complement this surface and give your space a touch of the contemporary. Together with block colour accessories, you can break up the busy look of a kitchen and create a space dedicated to calm.


1141 Pure White

413 White Ciment, from Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection, is a whitewashed porcelain surface that softly echoes the patina of concrete and is covered with hazy imprints of a subtle mesh. This surface’s warmer white presence lends itself beautifully to darker tones like moody mahogany browns and other inky shades which is worth noting when choosing your accessories and fittings. It’s the ideal base for a modern kitchen with an industrial feel to it. And for those looking for a more creamy-beige backdrop, there’s always 412 Beige Ciment, another porcelain surface with a more neutral-toned, warm industrial look.

410 Aluminous truly captures the look of fresh cement, contrasted by fine-grey grains and a soft stony appearance that makes it a versatile foundation for different kitchen styles. With this surface, neutral colours can give your kitchen a bright and soft feel, or you could opt for a monochromatic look with black or chrome fixtures and fittings and additional concrete accessories for a real industrial-style modern kitchen. 


5043 Montblanc

5043 Montblanc is a surface full of powerful dark dashes that enrich a harmonious light-grey base, dominated by its streaks and swirls. This is a bold yet beautiful worktop from Caesarstone’s Supernatural Collection that has to be seen to be appreciated. It is incredibly versatile and can suit both cosy autumnal tones just as well as refreshing summer colours, so no matter how you want to feel in your kitchen, this surface will fit right in. Adding Montblanc to your kitchen with give it the modern feel you’ve been looking for. 

From Caesarstone’s Pebble Collection comes 1002 Wyndigo, a surface with warm earthy gradients that wash over a soft greige base, veined with foamy greys that truly captures a pebble’s raw essence. Modernising your kitchen with Caesarstone couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is have this surface installed. It will breathe life into your modern kitchen design by bringing depth and warmth to what can sometimes feel like a colder space. The greige neutral base means you can choose from a wide range of light tones to complement the space and give it a modern, uniform feel. Alternatively, go for bold or dark colours to highlight the surface and make it your centrepiece of the kitchen. 

No matter what collection or material you choose, Caesarstone’s surfaces are highly durable, non-porous, versatile and beautifully timeless. Take a virtual tour of our studio today to experience our entire range and see the quality for yourself.