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The beauty of a crisp winter’s day will no longer be eagerly studied through kitchen windows. Even during this dark and cold season, we can still find light and warmth not only inside, but even in the outside spaces of our homes. We already know how important it is to be outdoors, and how much it can do to both our physical and mental health, so let’s make the most of it and go al fresco this winter. 

Eating and drinking outdoors during this time of the year can make for a magical experience. Here we’ll take a look at how you can create the perfect outdoor setting and embrace al fresco dining for all your winter festivities. 


Staying warm

Of course, staying warm is one of the crucial elements of enjoying your time outside and thankfully, we have a few solutions to ensure you can enjoy every drink, bite and laugh outside.

To really make the most out of the outdoor dining experience, you’ll want to ensure you and your guests are sheltered. So, as well as offering your guests a hot drink to keep both their hands, and souls nice and toasty, consider a pergola for your outdoor events. Gathering under a pergola is a cosy solution to keeping you dry as well warm. If you’ve got the space, investing in an outdoor heater will also work wonders when warming up weary visitors on those frosty nights. Whether you opt for a firepit, chimenea, gas heater or electric heater, you’ll be prepped for the chilled evening of entertainment ahead.


Establishing your set-up

Whether you’ve decided on a fully equipped garden kitchen or a distinguished outdoor dining area, you’ll need a solid and reliable worktop at the heart of it. You might be drawn to the classic style of white marble or a nourishing neutral to suit all spaces. Or perhaps you’re after a worktop with an earthier essence to complement your surrounding area. 

Caesarstone has specifically designed their Outdoor Collection for this very scene. Benefiting from a non-porous, durable, scratch, stain, mould and mildew resistant surface that’s also easy to clean, you’ll be dining outdoors every day of the year. Their exquisite stone worktops have a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that whatever the weather, your al fresco dining area will stand the test of time. 

515 Palm

515 Palm Shade


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