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Regardless of how little or large your budget is, making savings throughout your kitchen redesign is something surely welcomed by all homeowners. One of the most successful ways to make savings on your kitchen project is to take the piece-it-together approach.

As with any home project, this process takes careful consideration but investing in this moment in time to design your dream kitchen piece-by-piece, will set you and your family up for years of happy moments to come. You’ll have complete control over your passion project, a creative achievement that you can be proud of from start to finish.

1. Prioritise the worktop

Ultimately, the first step in making savings in your kitchen redesign is knowing when and where to spend the budget. Prioritising focal points of the room is a great area to start, for example, the kitchen worktop is one of the most crucial elements of any kitchen that draws the most attention. It’s the area that gets the most use, whether you’ve set up a home office, tapping away at a keyboard, helping younger members of the family scribble through their homework, chopping vegetables to prepare a feast for the family or kneading and mixing together freshly baked goods.

When it comes to choosing your kitchen worktop, you’ll want to make sure your choice is durable as well as completely breathtaking. Caesarstone is home to a number of Collections, all of which consist of beautifully crafted designs that will stand the test of time. The team at Caesarstone want to help you find the perfect centrepiece for your kitchen, and to make this easy for you, have created a useful Online Visualiser tool. Alternatively, you can request a sample to really experience the innate beauty yourself.



5211 Noble Grey

2. Repurpose & reupholster

Identify the kitchen components that could be revitalised with a little bit of care and attention. Changing your kitchen style doesn’t mean you need new everything, in fact, repurposing current furniture can really add character to the room, creating unique elements that make the space feel truly yours. For example, with a sander and fresh coat of paint, your dining table and chairs can be given a new lease of life. With brand new fabric and a seamstress’ hand, your furnishings can be loved for longer.

4043 Primordia

4043 Primordia


3. Choose wisely with everyday appliances

If you’re looking to replace your current kitchen appliances, certainly don’t rule out mid-range products. As each year passes, technology levels up across the industry, meaning you don’t need to make a big purchase to get the latest technologies. You can receive the same high-quality experience without the high prices. You don't need the most extravagant, new features like a fridge with a transparent door - the value is in the service, for example, choosing brands that come with extensive warranty periods.

4. Do-it-yourself decor

For a more budget-conscious project, transforming the decor of the space doesn’t always require a professional. It’s amazing how much of a difference freshly painted walls can make. Once you’ve chosen the colour palette for your kitchen design, research how you want to incorporate the colours and infuse your personal style. For example, for a more traditional look, wood panelling is incredibly effective to help achieve an authentic aesthetic and is relatively inexpensive to create.

Get started on your kitchen project and discover more about the most coveted kitchen worktop trends with our visual guide, providing insight on traditional, industrial and urban trends.

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