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Your worktops go through a lot, they’re tough but they’re not indestructible. Care and maintenance is an important part of any kitchen cleaning regime regardless of the colour or material of your counters. But how can you keep your kitchen worktops looking like new for years to come? 

Caring for your worktops

Protecting your worktop is essential for retaining its strength and finish. Whilst most stone or quartz worktops are heat resistant to a degree, it’s highly recommended that you do not place hot pots or pans directly onto the surface because high heat or extreme changes in temperature can cause irreparable damage that's simply not worth the risk.

Caesarstone worktops are typically more heat resistant, durable and hard-wearing but if you want to avoid any damage, always put a board or trivet under all of your heated cookware. Caring for your worktops in this way will increase their lifespan and ensure a stunning, blemish-free surface all year round. And for life's everyday mishaps, many of Caesarstone worktops come with a 25-year warranty giving you peace of mind to fully enjoy your kitchen.

5131 Calacatta Nuvo
5131 Calacatta Nuvo


Cleaning your worktops

Whether you’re cooking a special meal for your friends, or baking cakes with your family, sometimes you can’t help but make a mess. Designed to withstand those inevitable accidents, Caesarstone’s worktops make looking after your kitchen ever so simple. Their non-porous nature means these worktops are extremely easy to clean and sanitise, allowing you to worry less about your surfaces holding on to gems, and more about which culinary creation you'll make that day. 

Finished to the highest quality, Caesarstone’s worktops are scratch and stain-resistant. So for everyday spillages, you can rest easy knowing that all you need is some warm water and a mild cleaning solution. For anything tougher, you could opt for a non-scratch pad and denatured alcohol, but remember to never clean your surfaces with products such as paint removers or strippers. Choosing high-end materials such as quartz or ceramic from Caesarstone means you can enjoy a highly durable and beautiful worktop for years to come. Request a sample today and start the journey to your dream kitchen. 

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