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Showcasing your own style and character within your interior design is what makes your house your home, so prioritising this in your kitchen is imperative to making the space truly yours. But how can you channel this charisma and personality into the heart of your kitchen? For us, quartz worktops are a beautiful solution. One of the most popular choices for modern-day kitchens, quartz worktops exude elegance and sophistication. Discover why you should consider including a quartz worktop in your next kitchen redesign...



By choosing quartz, you open yourself up to a wonderful world of colours and designs where you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. Caesarstone's quartz worktops are both versatile and specifically engineered to complement whatever aesthetic you choose, so you can truly find the worktop that fits in with your personal style. 

Whether you’re looking for a bright modern kitchen with a white worktop at the centre or a rustic cookery with a dark patterned island, Caesarstone offers four different Collections that feature an array of colours so you’re sure to find something to complete your set-up.

6313 Turbine Grey

6313 Turbine Grey


Another benefit of quartz worktops is that they’re extremely durable. The high-quality surface is scratch-resistant against those little everyday mishaps but also non-porous meaning they’re less likely to stain or become cracked. The material itself has more flexural strength than others and a higher resistance to impact.

If you’re looking for a kitchen worktop that will stand the test of time, purchasing a quartz worktop from Caesarstone will not only introduce character to your kitchen, but also give you peace of mind for the next 25 years with their residential warranty.

6338 Woodlands

6338 Woodlands

Easy to clean

Maintenance is one of the most important elements to consider when choosing the worktop material for your kitchen. And for those of us who like a spotless space, being able to easily wipe away spillages is a priority. As mentioned before, quartz is non-porous so cleaning up oil, juice or coffee is as simple as one swipe. To keep the stunning shine of a Caesarstone worktop intact, it’s advised to use a mild soap and warm water, with no harsh chemicals or paint strippers.

Caesarstone worktops are more versatile, durable, and easy to maintain than many other worktop materials out there. Still not convinced? Request a sample today to experience the quality for yourself. 

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