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Bathrooms have been receiving special attention in recent years. Taking into classic minimalism with new turns of fashion, through eclectic and dazzling looks, the richness of styles taps into a variety of preferences as well as the practical demands of interior design.

Luxurious Escapism

Our bathrooms no longer serve as spaces where we just wash, but are rather evolving into places to relax and unwind in. This trend includes rich textures such as the Motivo surfaces, and décor, furniture and accessories we might usually associate with living rooms or bedrooms, for a cosier feel. It is no surprise that the stand alone bathtubs have made their way into this trend - combined with floating sinks, the right lighting, and floor and wall cladding in neutral, soft colour palettes, bathrooms immediately turn private homes into pampering spas.

luxury bathroom

Minimal Impact

Free of clutter and chaos, the minimalist trend offers an experience of serene cleanliness, with a touch of sophistication. We are living in times of a more muted elegancy, creating spaces that provide refuge and comfort to retreat from everyday life. Palettes consisting of black and white, steel grey and earthy browns, in clean and modern lines that give a fluid atmosphere, dominate this trend. An increasingly popular feature is the frameless, curb-less shower, blending in the bathroom space with seamless ease.

natural bathroom worktop

Nature at Home

Embracing natural, raw materials, such as concrete, wood planks, and exposed beams, has become common in home interior design over the past years. Bathrooms are now catching up with the beautiful imperfect and authentic look that natural materials bring along. Warm-coloured surfaces and natural granite tones, wood furniture and classic sink vanities reflect the ongoing fascination with nature’s simple yet vivacious forms, resulting in a supernatural look, such as in many of Caesarstone's surfaces.

bathroom worktops

Eclectic Vividness

Vivid palettes are back, they are part of an ever growing trend that brings together cultural bits and pieces from different design worlds. Eclectic details, colour and texture, and an appealing ambiance are created in this mix and match look. Black and white features, industrial elements such as Concrete countertops combined with natural items of wood, and decorative details with a touch of colour, make for a striking visual effect and can bring unexpected chic with a twist into bathroom spaces.

interior design for bathroom

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