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Happy New Year! It’s that time again when we look to discover the design trends that will shape our interiors in the year ahead. At Caesarstone, we pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of the heart of the home – a space that demands more multi-functionality than ever. If you're looking to give your home a refresh for the New Year, discover the upcoming design themes and leading surface styles with our exclusive 2024 kitchen trends forecast. 

Create a connection with the world around you


Case Study: Garden-Facing Galley Kitchen Renovation

Over the last few years, our appreciation of the outside world has grown considerably. We’re rejecting anything cold or clinical in pursuit of warm, earthy materials which is pulling through into kitchen trends. This means embracing palettes you would find in nature and pulling inspiration from organic materials. 

Mor Krisher, Head of Product Design at Caesarstone explains, “For 2024, organic tones will continue to populate our homes. We want to surround ourselves with nature-inspired colours and textures which help promote positivity and calm. Several Caesarstone products within our range meet this consumer desire and we’ll be adding further earthy colours to the collection in 2024.

Our in-house design team works on surface designs years in advance of release, always taking inspiration from the world around us,” he adds. “We avoid temporary fads and instead strive to create timeless designs that will be loved in the home for generations – after all, paying tribute to the great outdoors never goes out of style.


White marble-inspired worktops endure


Caesarstone 5171 Arabetto – Quartz Worktop

Classic marble, with its elegant white base contrasted by broad grey veining, has held a special place in building and decorating for centuries. While it adorns grand monuments, landmark buildings, and opulent historic interiors, the marble look remains a go-to choice for today’s leading designers – even in the most sleek, modern settings. Many Caesarstone designs take inspiration from the luxury of marble and natural stone, creating classic, timeless designs on surfaces that offer much more by way of durability. 

Krisher says: “We will see white marbles with braver veining coming to the forefront of kitchen trends in 2024. This past year, we have seen increased sample requests and sales of our white marble-inspired products with bold veining. For example, our 5171 Arabetto and 5143 White Attica designs continue to rise in popularity, and as a result, we will be launching two new white surfaces with strong veining running through them.” 


Rugged textures reign

413 White Ciment

Caesarstone 413 White Ciment – Porcelain Worktop 

2024 also sees the rise of rugged textures in kitchens, which create beautiful depth and added tactility within a design scheme. Krisher explains, “Over the past year, we have seen an increased popularity in worktops that have a honed, textured feel that adds a warmth and richness to the home. Our 413 White Ciment, 4023 Topus Concrete and 4043 Primordia surfaces continue to rise steadily and show no signs of waning.” 

We offer a number of surfaces within our quartz and porcelain ranges that provide a more urban option. In recent months we have seen more designs that adopt a traditional style, but use our textured surfaces to add a layer of depth to more simple designs. 


Responsible living sits firmly at the forefront of design


Case Study: Modern Scandi Family Home

Sustainability is no longer simply a buzzword. It’s a conscious mindset and a lifestyle choice – making eco-friendly interior design a key aspect of responsible living. This can be achieved through investing in timeless materials that are thoughtfully crafted to last.

Jonathan Stanley, Vice President of Marketing at Caesarstone UK & UMEA says, “This kitchen trend goes beyond aesthetics, emphasising the importance of materials and designs that are not only visually appealing, but also environmentally conscious. In 2024, consumers will continue to choose products that are made with quality and longevity in mind, ascribing to the ‘buy once, buy well’ philosophy.” 

Caesarstone surfaces are manufactured to stand the test of time, both in style and durability, with their timeless, versatile designs and hardwearing properties. Furthermore, we offer a lifetime warranty on all residential applications, so consumers can have peace of mind knowing that their surfaces will look beautiful for decades to come. 

Stanley continues, “Recently, Caesarstone has received its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a report which details the environmental impact of our products. This is a key milestone in our sustainability journey, helping to further guide Caesarstone and our customers to understand the impact of our products in an even clearer way.


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