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A white worktop like no other: Cloudburst Concrete sweeps through the room with it’s clean, understated brilliance. Serving as the perfect base from which to build your kitchen around, Cloudburst Concrete captures the innate simplicity yet undeniable beauty of a cloud, juxtaposed with the raw, rugged aesthetic of concrete.

The inspiration

We wanted to create a surface that synonymously bridges the gaps between modernism, brutalism and industrial architecture, but with an inherent link back to nature. Like a crisp grey sky before snowfall, the subtle base is veiled with swells of pure white to create a cloud-like patina that ebbs and flows across the entire surface. To touch the stone elevates it to a new level, boasting a tactile, concrete-like feel and low-reflective matt finish that has to be seen to be truly realised.

4011 Cloudburst Concrete Midscape


It's part of the Metropolitan Collection, which has been meticulously designed to incorporate themes of industrial architecture and urbanisation, alongside a rethinking of the Brutalism with a contemporary edge. Recognising the growing trend for natural colours and earthy tones, Cloudburst mimics the look of freshly poured concrete.

Thus, Cloudburst Concrete forges together the authentic, rugged textures of an industrial theme with a soft, fresh colour palette that can seamlessly integrate with a range of styles.


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Perfect pairings

White is appealingly easy to live with. The minimalistic tendencies of Scandi design can be felt through the calm, simplistic nature of Cloudburst, working beautifully alongside walnut cabinets and rich, cosy textiles. Or, opt for an industrial loft style look, pairing Cloudburst with rugged wood, mixed metals and exposed beams or brickwork.

4011 Cloudburst Concrete Render

Don’t be afraid to mix and match types of worktops throughout the space, for example, combine the matte texture of Cloudburst across the island with high gloss cabinetry, or a contrasting dark surface across the perimeter of the kitchen.

With white, there really are no limits – jewel-tone cabinets will pop against it, or steely greys and monochromatic hues blend harmoniously. For a real statement, the sophisticated texture of Cloudburst Concrete can bring added depth to an all-white kitchen.

4011 Cloudburst Concrete

Incomparable quality

One of the most significant elements of Caesarstone quartz is its ability to deliver both practicality and design. Cloudburst Concrete is an engineered stone made up of over 90% quartz, boasting an appearance similar to that of classic marble as well as poured concrete. These types of surfaces are prone to staining and can be costly to maintain, whereas quartz is scratch and stain resistant with minimal upkeep required.

We know exactly how durable our quartz is, and because of the rigorous manufacturing process and high-level quality control, we can offer you a 25-year warranty on all of our products for complete peace of mind.

4011 Cloudburst Concrete Landscape

The variations that appear in the rough finish of Cloudburst Concrete reveal real depth and movement, making each and every slab unique. Take a look at one of our latest collaborations with award-winning interior designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, where they featured the "perfect, practical and cloudlike" Cloudburst Concrete in their very own kitchen renovation project


Cloudburst Concrete is part of the award-winning Metropolitan Collection, available nationwide. 


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Images Source: Caesarstone