Exquisite craftsmanship: The unique design process of Caesarstone quartz

For over three decades, Caesarstone has been at the forefront of designing exquisite quartz surfaces. With an ongoing ambition to push the boundaries of the technical and aesthetic capabilities of the man-made stone, you can rest assured that our quality craftsmanship is second to none.

We understand that your kitchen needs to bring you joy, not just when you look at it, but when you use it. We also believe that the worktop is the foundation that will bring your kitchen to life, which is why our expansive collection offers much more than a beautiful appearance.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll see from our meticulous process that we provide a worktop with unparalleled performance capabilities – a worktop that will perform for as long as you need it to – alongside innovative design concepts. For us, science and art combine in equal measures, positioning Caesarstone as industry leaders from every angle.

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Where does the process begin?

Before a molecule of quartz is even selected, we start looking for inspiration. This comes in all shapes and forms: from the unique weathered patina that forms on a rusted saw blade, or the fluid texture found on a watercolour painting of the moon, to the intricate, deep veining that’s ingrained onto a natural stone.

The design team have built up a vast library of distinctive textures and surfaces, undertaking extensive research to capture the type of aesthetic that each surface can embody. Though sometimes completely abstract and as far removed as you can imagine from things you’d find in a kitchen, these resources then inform and influence the design process at every stage.


Each design is formed from different combinations of both natural and unnatural sources, sometimes taking months to fully realise. Countless iterations are sketched, rendered and reimagined until the team feel it is complete. The result is a truly unique product that mirrors a natural aesthetic that can’t actually be found anywhere in nature.

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Collaborative minds

Since 2013, our Designer Programme has worked with some of the world’s leading experts across architecture, gastronomy, furniture, art and more. Through building relationships across a diverse range of communities, we can gain a unique insight into how our material can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Take Stone Age Folk as an example. A mesmerising display of abstract shapes and kaleidoscopic colours converge within this art installation in Milan by Jamie Hayon. Woven throughout the exhibit you’ll find swathes of Caesarstone quartz, from composite carousels to Hayon’s signature clown faces, the material takes on an entirely new perspective in the piece.

These brilliant collaborations have allowed us to develop a greater understanding of the global surface landscape. Seeing the innovative applications of our product transforms our approach to design and we can incorporate this knowledge into every slab to create truly dynamic concepts. Discover more about our design inspiration collaborations.

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Leaders in design

Our intensive design process and passion for innovation is part of how we have established ourselves as pioneers within the natural quartz surfaces market. We strive to create something that transcends everything you thought a kitchen worktop could be, whilst still remaining fundamentally true to the basic principles of what you need it to do.

That’s why we’re consistently recognised within the industry for our commitment to design, quality and service. Our Metropolitan Collection was awarded the FX Award in the surface category, as well as the Gold Award for Innovation in Kitchen Product Design at The Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.

We have set the bar for craftsmanship and innovation of quartz surfaces. With continued investment and an ever-growing appetite for improvement, we’ll keep evolving to provide our customers with the very best product available on the market.

CS designer awardGold Award for Innovation at The Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards


Our commitment to quality

As much as we aim to create a beautiful product, we also have a commitment to providing the best quality and service possible. Because of our exacting standards of excellence throughout the entire manufacturing process, Caesarstone has been consistently recognised around the globe as leaders in the industry.

The manufacturing process combines a team of highly skilled and trained staff with precisely automated machinery, ensuring maximum efficiency as well as rigorous quality control at every stage. Because of this dedicated procedure and for true peace of mind, we are able to offer a 25-year warranty on all of our products.

To truly appreciate the intricate designs and refined finishes available on our product, we believe you need to touch and feel the surface for yourself. Request a free sample and we’ll deliver it to your door, so that you can begin to see how your kitchen could come to life with Caesarstone.

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Images Source: Caesarstone

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